Is it safe now? Campaign Collectibles question

Heya folks,

So now that TC claim to have rolled out missing collectibles, do you reckon it’s safe to FINALLY start the campaign and go for them? I’m asking those who have experienced the post “fix” patch.

Thank you!

It mostly works now. I say mostly, because you can pick up a collectible, it will appear in your collectible menu, and then 3 minutes later disappear, but when you hit the next checkpoint it is back again. I got the achievement.

However, I was doing a second playthrough to get enough components to upgrade Jack, and had problems. The components, unlike collectibles, should remain in the game to be picked up on successive playthroughs, yet in ACT III Chapter 3, the components that I picked up on my first playthrough were missing, making it impossible to fully upgrade Jack. Luckily I loaded a save from my previous playthrough and was able to collect enough to fully upgrade him in about 10 minutes…but I wasted 5-6 hours collecting components on a second playthrough before I realized it was broken.

The Campaign still has a lot of bugs that need fixing, and The Coalition only seems concerned with appeasing the multiplayer people complaining about game balance. If you already started the campaign and stopped…I would delete your save and start over, but I think you should be able to play with confidence. I was able to get all of the achievements I could get playing it single player (other than playing the campaign on Insane)

Thank you very much for the super quick and detailed answer :slight_smile: Bought the Ultimate edition in hopes of playing the campaign on day one but sadly the whole collectibles fiasco put me off until now… Will finally go for it. Thanks again :slight_smile:

It works, like mentioned above some you grab might appear and disappear seconds after, but they are there and will come back at the next chapter or act.

I thought all of chapter 1 act 1 glitched for me, but they showed up later. I still missed one though (hoffmans watch) so I had to go back and redo it after beating the game to get the achievement. (And the cool easter egg in the last chapter of the game).

What Easter Egg is that?

the Carmine Memorial? just looked it up on youtube…now I need to go load up the game again…

i got a question boys…i just finished act 1 & i just realized i missed the very first collectible in the game.

can i go back to act 1 , chapter 1, get the very first collectible in the game & then go back & resume my campaign or will it erase all my progress up until that point & ill be forced to start over?


If you do go back, just make sure you load it from a save slot other than your current save slot.

Then go back and continue from your current save slot.

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sounds risky. my add will have to wait until i beat the damn game just in case.

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Yes that one. I felt my controller vibrate near a wall so i googled it but was missing Hoffmans watch so I couldn’t do it. It’s rather neat IMO one of their best