Is it really that hard, or gears needs a new developer

I dont know if i should quit gears 5 for good and wait for gears 6. It looks like with each update, coalition always messes up something. They have time for everything else, except fix the bugs in the game. If its not the shotgun, is the lag or both. I keep getting kick out of matches lately. Its really annoying. Which other company do you think would do a better job at fixing gears of war. When is it enough!!

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According with your question, the second option. But I don’t think too much about it, it’ll never happen, the impunity and lack of interest in game industry is so big, no matter how crappy game or mediocre is, almost the majority of games are online shops selling you digital stuffs that actually don’t belong to you, including the game itself (except if you buy a drm free game like on GOG) even if they don’t have a large play base they can bring $ benefits and is enough for developers instead of learn from past mistakes and do a better job.

Oh and TC killed my enjoyment to play competitive gears, and some toxic players that harasses you if you killed him one time or you got MVP.