Is it possible to use hacks on Gears 5 whille playing on console?

I ask this because some players are very suspicious to me… because they have better statistics on ranked matches than professional players and yet they play casually … I know people with K/D more than 2 and with almost 1000 points per minute in average… and their statistics are even better than the ones I see on professional players… I never saw they play bad a single match … I mean most players doens’t matter how good the player is … one or another match this player will have a poor performance … but that doesn’t happen with just a few players … but the ones I know that play like this, they play on consoles … so that’s why I ask…

There is a 99% possibility that the player was just better than you. Wild concept, I know.


Don’t K/D stats include public games, social games and so on? So a person could just start up an online lobby by themselves and play with bots, but these stats are included? Or is there a separate set of ranked stats?

I’m talking only about ranked matches and comparing with professional players stats on ranked matches

Or; & hear me out… you just go outplayed.

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I always outplay you :confused:

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What you mean than is that professional players are being outplayed by casual players … But I’m talking about only three players that I know …

Have mercy on my for once ehh

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The fact that just because people play on an eSports team makes them "pros’ is hilarious to me. There are a lot of great players on any platform that don’t compete and can play better than anyone.

Of course everyone has off games, but anyone can beat anyone. Especially on this game.


I use cheats…

This one
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And also
Image result for hands


That’s a big hand :wink:

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You know what they say…

Big hands and also
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funny like I did a very simple question on my title and nobody was able to answer that simple question …

You can’t hack on console.

You got killed by a person that is better than you.


Who said I got killed? I just saw the stats from these persons and compared with the ones from pro players in ranked matches because I also have added pro players …

You can’t hack on console.

Edit : it is difficult to hack on console. If someone wanted to hack on a videogame why would they choose Gears? Theres way popular games to be on than Gears.


Yup, it sure is.

As you’ve seen by now, Gears 5 is all rainbows and sunshine and if you ever say some BS words like hacks, cheats and whatnot, you’ll just be told that you suck or something like that.

Search for Cronus max or zen to get a better idea.


But I’m talking about Rise Icy which is one of the best Gears 5 player in the world if not the best … So if I see someone outplaying him on the stats, probably this casual player is using hacks

You mean the guy that quit the game? Like most of the top esports players? To go play Halo Infinite? Lol

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lol … so do you play better than him?!