Is it possible to play Gears 5 with high ping?

The more the game gets updates the better the lag. I don’t know for you but I’ve always played with high ping (200 and above) However the lag just gets worse to the point where it is impossible to play properly. So, do you need to be next to the servers to play the game now? Its sad how it all got to this point…

It’s been like this in Gears for 14 years



Fluctuating pings tend to ruin lobbies, and as per the community and network related stuff(I’m not Network Engineer), high pings tend to be considered a DoS.

Moreover, Gears 5 tend to be generous with Lag Compensation as per the community views.

As for my point of view, I highly feel that any ping above 75 in Versus using Fiber connection in a wire format, is a disadvantageous as the opponent tends to shoot faster and move smoother.

So, as an answer for your question: Yes. Try not to play in high pings, and choose another game mode to avoid the fuss.

Best of luck!


The thing is, (without being a network engineer), my ping will never get much better unless I physically move nearer to the servers, however, there are days where having the same horrible 200 ping, I feel that the game is much more responsive and I do get more gnasher kills …, Unfortunate that this is the exception rather than the rule. And yes, playing other modes is an option but then I would have paid the full price for only half of the goods.

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Previous gears games were a lot more forgiving for high ping. I’m play from NZ so normally get placed on US serves (at 160ms).
I. Gears 4 and prior, you could play on 160ms easily since if you point blank someone and they also kill you, you’ll still trade and essentially get your kill from beyond the grave on their screen. In gears 5, it seems to cancel damage if you die or go down before the kill is processed, causing “ghost pellets” (where the enemy player is covered in bullet holes but you get 0% dmg).
It’s unfortunate and normally leads you rifling or downing from distance (which still has the ghost pellets issue)

It seems TC cares more about the vocal community complaining about the store and gib range that the network issues plaguing the game

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This is exactly the issue. In Gears 4 you could still get some kills while in Gears 5 you simply get frustrated more than anything seeing those ghost pellets.

Yea it’s not hard you just start a match, your performance may vary though

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Spoken like someone with a ping of under a 100. :wink:

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You have no idea how much I wish that was true lmao


Let us pray together for better ping lol

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