Is it possible to open chat during MVP screen on xbox?

I’m on base xbox and it won’t let me type ■■■■ but I see people type constantly so im guessing these are PC players or maybe series x owners? Or maybe does KBM allow it while controller doesn’t?

if you plug a keybaord into the xbox you can chat during MVP.


Oh right idk why keyboards get that priviledge lmao

Using a keyboard for chat is much quicker and much more efficient.

Not ■■■■ sherlock I’m just wondering why it blocks controllers but not keyboards.

I think its because on KB+M that key only opens up the chat while on controller the button to open chat does a few things iirc

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Surprised it’s still an issue 8 ops in. Like the glitch where if you open the chat after death it will be automatically closes if you have a kill cam. inb4 “dont use killcam” I use it so I can know where the enemy is and how I died.

You don’t get to use this phrase. It makes no sense. Your original question is asking how people are able to chat faster than you. You are using a controller to chat and chances are these other people are using a keyboard.

That is your answer and I gave you it. The type of Xbox or PC is irrelevant to Gears 5 ingame chat and none of them “block” controllers, the mechanisms to chat with a controller just cause a delay that keyboards don’t have. It takes time to pause and load up the Xbox screen keyboard compared to pressing “U” on an actual keyboard to instantly load up the chat.

That should be the end of this discussion.


But that isn’t my question??? Reread it lmfao I got my answer which was it’s probably because the button has multiple functions and it was to do with input not platform. Never asked why typing was faster because that’s obvious.

Edit: Also it’s not slower to bring up the keyboard during mvp. It’s just not possible unless you pulled it up before the mvp screen.

M&k is superior to controller in every way, including composing trash talk in gamechat

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You must be on something very strong indeed. Your answer that you marked as the solution is basically the same as mine.

Also I never said keyboard was slower, rather the opposite. It’s entirely possible to bring up the chat box at all times.

This isn’t true. You can’t use chat during MVP screen on M&KB either.

@ELECTRONIC_W0LF Usually when you see people typing on MVP screen is because they sent the message right before it popped or you can open the chat box before the MVP screen shows up and you can type anything while the MVP screen is up.

And yes you can do it on controller as well.

Oh I knew you could pull up chat before and then post it but I thought I saw someone to it during. Strange that they block it for some reason because we all have to wait until mvp is done before we can say gg and ■■■■,

Edit: @GB6_Kazuya At first your pretending was kinda funny but now I’d rather you not ping me for this.

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Chat doesn’t even work. No one will see it and Coalition will lie and say it’s fixed in their blog.

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I feel like it’s gotten worse since OP 8 launched. So many “*****”

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The game has more bugs and errors than Ace can keep up with. Shauny said there was still a discussion to be had if Coalition would even BOTHER to fix anything post OP8.

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Most likely an oversight honestly.

I am serious, and don’t call me shirley.

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