Is it possible for players to select the data center we wish to connect to?

Just want to start off by saying that online connectivity has be great for me 99% of the time online in gears 5 after the launch (first 3 days). I’ve had a ping of 10 consistently except for a few occasions where it went to 50-150. Today I started getting 50 ping consistently while the enemy had 50 or lower. I have no issue playing with 50 ping considering that’s what gears 4 gave me most of the time and that lag was still better than the lag in previous gears, My issue is that in the data center screen it tells me I should be connecting to the North Central US data center that is 2ms from me but based on the ping I’m getting during matches it seems I’m connecting to a different one? Again not ranting since I have no issue playing with 50 ping as long as everybody else in the match has 50 also to make it fair.

I had 30-40 pings on a regular basis shortly after game launch and now almost every game i have 150. Its literaly unplayable. I cant even heal ppl with jack because their hp just bounce up and down. I think that if the game cant matchmake you to the nearest center it broadens the search and with many ppl going back to G4 its harder to find matches, Especialy in horde when you have like 7 different queues? or 9? I dont remember.

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Wow I feel for you I don’t understand how these companies don’t do network tests with the community months in advance before the release that way they can try to minimize the network issues and run the risk of losing potential players right at launch. It’s as if they haven’t heard of making a great first impression.