Is it ok now to jump back in?

I uninstalled gears 5 after about 3 days of it its release. Hell, I dont think it was fully released when I started cuz of the game pass. I was just wondering if the aim assit is now reduced or even gone, is the lancer nerfed to some degree, and is the godawful bullet magnitude been removed too? Thanks for any answers.

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The gameplay is getting better, melee is still ridiculous, aim assist is lessened, 97% in one hit and disappearing shots are still an issue. It’s improving though.

But if you care about ranked… Wait until Tuesday.

Ranks are being completely wiped on Tuesday when the title update comes out. It will coincide with the apparent ranking system fixes.

Let’s just hope it’s actually fixed this time :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks man. I guess I’ll just have to wait till Tuesday.