Is it me or the Terminator skin hard to see on dark maps?

I keep doing double takes every time I encounter them. My team runs past them. When one of them flanks, they are guaranteed a kill before others realize they aren’t a teammate or a living shadow.

Saw one with black phantom gun skins and it was pretty much an active camo in multiplayer.

Idk, maybe put some new batteries in those red lights on him?


Very hard to see, on several maps.

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I wish they would be banned from ranked play. There’s something off with them.


And I doubt it is just me who confuses it for a COG character.


I do think they should be more red colored because i kept mistaking them for team mates for some reason


Yeah. I find it hard to tell the difference between friend and foe in Gears 5 tbh, but especially the Terminator


Sarah Connor is horribly annoying to listen to. Maybe the most obnoxious character in the franchise so far. The T-800 is really well done with great visuals and sound design, but ya, it’s awkward to play against. The suggestion of adding some red eyes might help.


I hate the fact that we have teams full of Sarah’s and t800s and then none of the characters from the actual game. Lol. The changing of metal is also very annoying. Sometimes it sounds like it’s right behind me and it’s not it’s actually that I can hear him across the map lol.


I know what you mean, I’m guilty of rolling with the Terminator characters. Just getting what I paid for out of my system lol. Just glad they imported esport kait from gears 4. Best free character Imo.

Anyone notice that this character sponges like crazy? 95% of the time my shot gets eaten it’s by this character.


The Terminator skin is also hard for Guardian, as the Leader Jin-bot sounds just like a Terminator or Deebee running.


Agreed. They will probably add some more LED to him. Some characters such as the zombies at the beginning of 4 had the same issue so they added LED to them.

I agree with this. I shot my own teammates so many times thinking they were enemies :joy:. Funny thing is we were all Terminators and we were using the black phantom skins. The other team was probably pissed off lol.

Has anyone tryed ajusting there brightness setting in game,maybe T800 would show up better with more light.

The T-800 sounds like it’s doing what it’s suppose to do.

Blending in.


On Asylum they sneak up on me all the time and I do the same to other people since he is my Swarm team main. The map is already at nigh, so it’s so easy to blend in. Other maps aren’t that bad for me though.

How do you get esport kait? Thanks

You can’t get it anymore, it was one of the road to gears 5 challanges.

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Ah, thanks :+1:

Yeah i totally agree with this, i have died several times on Vasgar mid just because i can’t see that skin :confused: