Is it me or is packet loss just a gears 5 thing?

As the title says, is it just gears 5 that suffers really baddddddd with packet loss because if not then prove it!

I get 0 YES 0% packet loss on modern warfare yet every time i play gears 5 i get that 4 squares or 3 squares with lightning bolt and it’s ridiculous!

I put it to the coalition that at the core of multiplayer your servers just can’t handle the game and the amount of players in 1 lobby and i believe that’s why ranked TDM is going to be 4 v 4


What about al the other modes that are 5v5?

Perhaps ranked TDM is a pilot? But ultimately the fact is severs can’t handle the game

Yes but alreast we get all these awesome blood sprays

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Hahahahahahaha yes we do pal :joy:

I can’t see it getting any better, even on series x too.

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Connections can be quite terrible and I’ve experienced packet loss specific to Gears 5, so I agree with that.


Then you believe wrong.

“Perhaps” being the key word not " i believe"

But why is it sooooo much more than gears 4?

Blood sprays > packet loss

Besides, I don’t even like ketchup.

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Yeah, Gears 5 seems to suffer from this more than any other game in my experience.

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Ketchup mmmmmmmm lol

Gears 5 for me is the ONLY game that suffers with it out of all current games that suffers BADLY with it.

I just hope that tc see this post and at least acknowledge it and give some sort of explanation as to why its soooo bad.

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A few people I know been having issues. I had the server icon happen mostly than the packet lost only twice both resulting in disconnect for a couple of days straight. Than it all cleared up for me and than started happening to a buddy that lives in the next state over. I honestly think it’s Just TC trying to get to the bottom of the disconnect issues. I know they are tinkering with things because when these issues were happening for me and when I had to restart the game there was a new playlist available for new players like a introduction. Than it disappeared when I was booted again. All my settings were reset also. Idk if that playlist is only available for first time login or something planned for this coming TU.

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Packet loss happens in all online games.

There’s plenty of people who experience it in COD.

Not me on cod or at least it’s REALLY unnoticeable. @xxxGAUNTLETxxx i don’t really get disconnected from games as a result of packet loss but it seems to me that when ever i come together with the opposite players in lets say koth i get 1 of 2 things 1st being 4 squares in a row or 2nd i get the 3 squares with lightning bolt but it’s not specific to koth and this is what leads me to believe that the servers simply can not handle 5 v 5.

Now what i ask you (and everyone in the community AND the coalition) is, is the problem the servers or is it the netcode/lag comp? Because as it stands, my relationship with gears is like that of a toxic relationship with a girlfriend for a better way of putting it where it’s like " sorry but i rhink this is the end of the road" and “it’s best if we call it a day for both our selves” (more so me lol)

COD is much faster paced, when it comes up on screen, its quite brief and its not as noticeable.

Everyone is affected differently on different games.

There’s no one reason to explain it, as its various reasons.

Maybe your connection isn’t as good as you think it is.

The 3 solid white and one clear one (the server connection)always shows for me when lobby is loading into the match or forming it’s common. I never experienced this happening during a match untill recently. Same for the packet lost. So when I’m partied up with a couple players from East coast and the other 3 on west coast and we all experience the same issues at the same time with the same icons this has to be a Gears problem or a MS thing.
That’s why we ask Sera for a description of the icons. If we are all starting to notice the same thing here it has to be a server issue which TC has acknowledge that they are looking into the disconnect. Just my opinion, I just feel like this is happening more because TC is just trying to figure out what’s going on with the disconnects before reg season. It’s just a theory but they have hinted at it. Plus why would I see a different playlist selection for a moment like a glitch if they weren’t tinkering with stuff. This just might be TC at work behind the scene. Like how they Zap voltage across a power line. Like a continuity test. Idk it just feels that way to me. There testing.

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Im in the uk and I’ve got virgin fibre 500 up 40 down packet loss of 0% latency of 10 ms, don’t know if it’s the best but i think it’s up there.

To truly understand the problem you need to understand exactly what a “packet” is how it is moved.

In cod the “packet” is a bunch of data and infomation thats encrypted and sent to a server, then on to other players, through high speed ethernet cables at approx half the speed of light.

In Gears it works abit differently, the “packet” for Gears is a really high quality one, in fact its foil sealed, for freshness. Running on Amazons network infrastructure sounds great n all but Gears “packets” are collected via Amazon’s delivery drivers and get taken to a central hub, same day guaranteed. There the foil seals get inspected as the freshness of the infomation is important. If the “packet” is split or the delivery driver has stolen it, then it is deemed “lost”

Hope this clears up some confusion

I know how it works but that to just strengthens my feeling that the servers just can’t handle the small amount of info carried around on their servers. At the end of the day the info sent is just a bunch of 0s and 1s and to say that the info sent/received on gears is any higher in quality i find it hard to buy. Where do you get your information from to back up what you say? (And this isn’t me being funny, im all for being educated lol)

From a very reliable source…




My A$$


I mean, dude, reread, the whole thing is a joke :rofl::rofl:

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You’re going to have to prove your side of the case first…