Is it me or does the gnasher have ridiculous range?

Is it me or does the gnasher have ridiculous range? Also I’ve witnessed on kill cam a person sniping my head off and they were aiming 3-4 inches away which should have been a missed shot. Smh gears 2 and 3 were by far the best. Maybe you guys should remaster them for us cause gears 5 is just trash.


Lol, only when my enemy is holding it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly, I can hard aim someone running away from a fight in a straight line, and only tickle them. But if I so much as roll at the wrong moment, I will be downed in a blink by a hard aimed shot from 15 yards away.


Truly think its you in this siutation. I have felt that most gnasher feels just right, especially going against people who are truly at distance using rifles.

Yea man that’s what I mean. The range that I get shot from and downed is absolutely crazy.

Nerf the gnasher rannge

It’s not the distance. The distance is actually rlly balanced I believe this time. It’s the damage in general. Damage is wayyy too high. They need to tone it down so we can strafe and have shotgun battles again.

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Nearly everything needs less damage, the rifles need more damage drop off at range as well.

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