Is it me or does the game feel better

i think you may have a temperature play gears 4 see how you feel

I wish I could say that it did. The wrap-around shot abuse never ceases to amaze me, especially since there’s no logical way that the shotgun barrel could curve around a corner so much and ignore the wall completely, essentially eliminating any chances of there being any sort of cover battles like in the past. I have so much sh*t to worry about when on cover now, it’s ridiculous. Yank, mantle, wrap-around shot, etc. It’s so damn inconsistent, it disgusts me when mechanics like that are abused. It disgusts me even more that TC even allowed the wrap-around shot to be so broken in the first place.

But hey, glad you’re enjoying it. If only I could truly enjoy it too, but it still doesn’t feel like Gears and I’m still 40k XP away from my Drone. The “No XP towards your Totem” glitch doesn’t help at all either, and it’s keeping me from unlocking my favorite character!


Too bad connection issues/shotgun damage and all that ■■■■ combined with lagg and overpowered lancers kill the game. Enjoyable? your taste is questionable or gears 5 have driven you to insanity. Don’t praise them for their broken ■■■ game please.


They made it so roadie running is quicker I believe it was delayed and made it hard to A strafe before this update

Faster roadie run wasnt part of the update, according to the patch notes. They reduced the delay to shoot after roadie running and increased acceleration to strafing.

Yes, those changes are a step in the right direction, but they haven’t changed anything regarding melee and and lancer, so I think that’s just you imo. And they haven’t dabbled with the aim assist/aim adhesion either so I think that may be just you again.

I’m obviously just basing my posts off of the patch notes.

I’ve noticed that joining games in progress on the new maps causes a crash after 1 wave. I have been avoiding the new maps, you can see in the lobby browser all the lift and allfathers matches that are 20 waves in and only 2 or 3 people playing. Haven’t had a single crash since avoiding those 2 maps altogether.

You can now disable aim assist in the game submenu in the settings. Try it out and see what you think.

Ive seen the crash after joining a lobby in progress. I’ll need to try joining a match on the old maps.

My game crashes whenever I join an ongoing match, no matter what map. Starting my own match or joining one that is still in the lobby gives me no issues.

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For me the game is worse than ever. Every game in the server browser now also shows 1 or none out of 4 bars for ping. This game’s become unplayable in most multiplayer matches. Other games work fine.

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Uh no lancer and melee is not nere as op at it was

They didn’t change anything in that regards though. Just read the patch notes. They did in the past though, way before OP2 launched.

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It’s not just you.

Movement feels way better. I can actually increase my sensitivities closer to where they were in Gears 4.

Ranked is 100% improved. Numbers at the end seem to address actual rank and not complete randomness.

New escalation is actually playable. I hated first to 7.

There needs to be some changes to Guardian and I’ll be very happy.

New maps are good as well.

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Yup. Havent been able to play all weekend. Its total bull


What would you like to see changed?

The biggest thing I would like to see is changing spawns location when actively fighting with enemy leader.

When engaged with the leader, the enemy team should spawn elsewhere, and not right in front of you. Like Gears 4.

I would also like ranked improvements. More points awarded to surviving as leader. Too many times I go negative in a round after a win as a leader simply because I don’t have many kills.

Possible experiment with respawn timer to 12 seconds as well. It puts more risk with every death.

Otherwise Guardian is pretty fun. Much more enjoyable in 5 than 4. Simply because map design and flash grenades discourage hiding in spawn all game.

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I know. But 100% improvement does not mean 100% perfect.

Before the fix. You were getting negative points in the 1k’s with a win and an MVP. That does not happen anymore. Someone quitting on the opponent team almost guaranteed a negative score with a win. That doesn’t happen anymore.

You may not like the system, but it has improved.

Not an improvement when the game gives ya negative points after getting over 50% of kills in a TDM match with little to no deaths, doubling the kills and points from the person who came in 2nd. That as a bronze (cause they decided to place everyone in bronze this time around). So you tell me how is this an improvement to how it was before.

Sorry bruh, those improvements are non-existent.