Is it me or does the game feel better

Just thought I’d try the game again as the new operation is out and I swear they’ve made it feel much better, anyone else or am being odd?


It’s you.


So what you’re saying is they have changed nothing?

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Not saying anything dude, not even sure what you play,

Don’t mind me, along with many others, versus feels worse post the last TU, I’ve no idea about horde n stuff, I only play versus.

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Feels alot better than before in my opinion so can enjoy it now

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It’s you, depending on what you’re talking about.

The shotgun is more inconsistent than ever since the update. Point blank shots doing no damage, or 10% or whatever, despite showing full hit markers.

Some aspects have been improved, but again, it depends what you’re talking about.


I have noticed the shotgun is still ridiculous but the movement no longer feels like I I’m covered in super glue

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Feels way better after the updates

Yeh it sure does, not perfect but can actually enjoy and a couple of my friends started playing again


Yea ive had alot of friends come back to gears after the tweeks to melee…lancer…and movement

Very odd indeed.

Strafing actually works now and I’m having ball LOL.

I think it’s playstyle thing. Combat wise it’s a tad better but it also came with a ton of bugs and other game breaking things. Whoops.

Personally, I’m enjoying it a lot. The movement speed being increased helped a bit with my play style so I’m happy with it for the most part. I still wish they’d decrease the damage every weapon does and have a middle ground of core and comp tuning in 4, but it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to nerf anything else, at least not right now.

They also need to fix the ranking system. Starting almost everybody in bronze or silver is not the answer, it just means good players will play against people who aren’t their skill level more often until they get to their proper ranking.


Does feel faster paced and more responsive to me, I can feel the difference coming out of a roadie run.

Definitely feels that way.

Too bad the hit detection has taken a turn for the worse.


You cant connect to a game in horde. It’s impossible to level up the new chars. Your lucky if you last 1 wave before the game crashes.

Something’s are a bit noticeable but honestly I don’t really see much of a difference the movement speed is the most noticable nothing else is really there

This is the only tweak they made towards movement OP.

Well it feels alot better and is a step in the right direction. The lancer is no longer overpowered or the melee. The aim assist feels alot weaker as well

I still find the aim assist to be too strong. I was trying to snipe an enemy but there were two enemies within close proximity and it kept auto switching.