Is it me or can anyone see players during the game (tab)?

As the post says. I can’t seem to look at players during the game (during the tab)

Anyone having this problem?


I can’t see players in lobby, only those on friend list.


Reading the patch notes it’s obvious what they’ve f’d up lol.

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I know each update isn’t going to be perfect (not blaming on TC, it happens), because there will be bug/glitch or something. But I wasn’t expecting that. Good luck with anyone who tries to kick players while they are joining in-progress who tend to be trolls lol.

They patched it out so you cant see players on the other team anymore. The patch notes talked about how the update today would fix that.

This was supposed to be for Ranked only, not every mode. Especially not PvE.


Had this in escape, i like to check ppls reups before i start a match.

It’s not just Escape. Horde got the same problem. Once again the PvE players get the short end of the stick… for something that I do not see at all how it would make any difference for Ranked matches if you saw what player names were before the match.

Ppl would back out if its the same tm that they just lost to.

Tbh im not really surprised by stuff like this anymore, every update needs atleast 2 updates to fix what they broke.

So much for Q&A…:yawning_face:

What? Every time TC releases TU things break. Every. ■■■■■■■. Time.

Oh I didn’t realize the post meant private match and stuff like that lmao. That sucks.

Update :

I now find I can’t see players who I invite or join me in the main menu as I was trying to play with someone, even though they had joined and their status was set to online. May be part of this issue.

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Oh dear.