Is it me or are there alot of hackers/Modded controllers playing Gears 5?

I’m just looking through leaderboards and there are people with well above 12.0 kD, highest I’ve seen was 47.0. Then someone in the accuracy leaderboards has 2500.00% accuracy. That has to be BS right? Besides the obvious people using aimbot constantly. Will TC start banning cheaters soon? They’re pretty much plaguing Ranked and Quickplay.

Not sure they are cheaters, I have myself 100% accuracy each game and the k/d maybe they take in the escape/horde kills or simply the Vs bot.

I agree I am getting one shot a lot in 5 and not even registered any damage on some of the opposite teams. Went back to gears 4 nothing like it happening there in

I’ve seen people with modded controllers on console and rapid fire macros on pc.

You can tell who they are by the speed they fire the snub pistol at.

They were common on gears 3 too. TC need to either limit the rate of fire of the snub or nerf it, as it’s becoming more common

When I read all these specifications, I really wonder are there options to modify XboX controllers for your special needs like this ? All players have their specific actions or row of the actions in each game and even macroses, isn’t it? So, long story short when every PC gamer can use macroses pretty simple, console gamers want to use mods built-in controller as well, to solve that problem.

Don’t even know why people would even mod there controller… Nothing against people using Elite controllers. (Do so myself)

But actually using mods or hacks to cheat is lame as hell… Just don’t play, if you can’t win square and fair…

Om my friends list i had someone with 67 kd

Weird I would get into gnasher brawls and I would be able to instant kill most player yet sometimes I come across players in team deathmatch and somehow they manage to survive a one shot kill with the gnasher and literally could take one more shot and they would die I was wondering if maybe some of these players were using a lag switch and they would lag around the map I can get about 30-40 kills a game?