Is it me or are their a lot of brawlers?

I have been on a long break since I grinded the ToD from OP4. I came back for OP5 to see how things changed. Is it just me or since they brought back the scorcher there has been an influx of brawler(Cole) classes? I’ve only done like two 50 waves and 5 frenzys on masters since I came back. Every room had 1-2 brawlers running around spamming the scorcher. The problem is like 75% of those brawlers suck and get themselves killed. Then they waste more money buying back their scorchers.

Truth be told I’m not too familiar with Cole’s class. I got him to like 10 and stopped. I like lighting things on fire but I felt I was at a low point. I felt I was too low to be of real value to use his play style on masters yet playing anything below insane felt like it was taking too long to lvl up. I may not be too experienced when it comes to brawler, however. I’ve been seeing a lot of brawlers try to punch a matriarch on Masters. Then they get ripped apart and rage quit. To me, that sounds like something you shouldn’t be doing.

I have played a few games and so far I have been the only brawler.

I think a lot of people are using the Brawler class due to it being the best option for a Scorcher build

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Only option for a scorcher build really. But the scorcher is nuts it actually shreds health

I dont have the damage card yet, but with the 50% damage perk, it completely destroys swarmzerkers and wardens

With the Card boosted,the perk AND the active anything in front of you is just melted.

I foresee a nerf in our future

Hope not, the range on the scorcher is really not that great, so the high damage balances it out.

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Uhh nope
Brawlers are nonexistent

*Don’t ruin this for us!!!


Yeah I noticed that too tbh. It looks like it should be burning dudes but it always comes up short.

I do like that it makes you get closer to do some real damage and that you can make a cut off point for leeches and juvies if you hit an active and fire it at whatever spot.

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The scorcher is new, and people want to try the new stuff. I guess any character can buy it from fabricator, but Cole has cards for it now so I guess people naturally gravitate to him when they want to try the scorcher.

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Yeah, but don’t get too worried about that, everyones just hype about the scorcher and its associated skill card, people will get bored eventually if they over-do it :joy:

Pretty sure on an active reload the range on the flame is further as well as the addition of sticky flames on the floor, dunno for sure, that’s just what I’m seeing :man_shrugging:

Swarmzerker or matriarch? Cause if they added a new boss that acts like the OG berserker, imma be sooo happy!

Matriarch, I just call it swarzerker.

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Ahh okay :cry: