Is it just the games I played yesterday, or is Snub quickly becoming the new Meta?

I only played Gridiron yesterday, but I hopped between several different lobbies, and nearly everyone was using the Snub for nearly all scenarios.

I was killed by someone yesterday, and it said they did 100% damage in 4 shots. Unfortunately it did not show the killcam, so they could have all been critical, but I really doubt they were.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, but it appears that the Snub is quickly becoming the weapon of choice.

Yes, the TC ■■■■■■■ raised the rate of fire significantly. Now every ■■■■■■■ Skript/Macro/Cheat Kiddy has a instant kill submachine gun.
When I read the changes, I just facepalmed myself.

What you were experienced was obvious and it will become worse.

TC is so god damn incapable, I don’t have any words for this.

Please ignore the post above.

Yes the Snub seems to have higher DPS potential now. Plus it has an active bonus. Needs more testing to make sure TC doesn’t have a bugged Snub on their hands.

Yea, I definitely saw the notes from last Thursday and knew that it would have some impact of the meta of the game. However I made this post because the Snub was easily the most used weapon in half the matches I played yesterday. I felt like I was missing something beyond the changes listed in the patch list. The thing just feels like a murder machine now.

It’s possible there is a bug. Or maybe you had the luck to run into super sweats pub stomping. There are videos on YT of private matches where the rules are “Gnasher and Snub only.”