Is it just me that hears this?

I know there’s bigger things to discuss about this game… but I just wanted to ask if anybody has heard the same as what I have,

When’s Locust Drone throws a smoke grenade, sometimes it’s not their usual voice, it sounds like it’s a generic human voice is saying “smoke out” am I the only one hearing this or am I going mad?:joy:


An underreported side effect of a pandemic is a total and complete loss of the ability to use search functions.

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Don’t mind him, he gets grouchy if he hasn’t taken his pills. I noticed this also, made me laugh to be honest.

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haven’t heard that man… I use a XBOX ONE X " Scorpion Edition " to play Gears 5 and I never heard of that…


Well you know the old saying “where theres smoke, theres generic guy”

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@PinkPhantomKait the best I’ve heard in awhile. Just so you guys know, I started a topic about this and other people hear it too.