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Is it just me, or is this the most hated entry into the series (GOW 5)

I’ve been scrolling through the forums and I keep seeing a lot of hate for the game, why is this the case?

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The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Because people tend to make their voices heard when things are bad, but rarely when they are good. Ergo, you will typically see negative feedback over good feedback.

I dunno about GOW5 being considered the worst entry - that may still be “Judgment”.


Yeah, J definitely had it worst.


The Gears 4 forums are now deleted. Why do you think that is?

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Don’t worry, when Gears 6 is released everyone here will claim Gears 5 was the perfect game with no problems whatsoever at release.


I’ve played each and every console Gears game on release day, and (in my opinion) Gears 5 had the worst launch of any Gears game so far. Early access had random server disconnects and crashes, campaign collectibles and progress randomly got corrupted, etc.

Servers for Gears 5 have already been taken down for various geographical areas (Australia, Brazil, etc).

For areas that still can access the servers, the player base appears to be dropping like a rock. Who knows why, but TC’s actions since launch certainly have not helped retain/bring back the players. During Dev Streams, the people talking and answering questions have mocked some legitimate questions and concerns before moving on with no actual answer or acknowledgement that they would look into it. Or how certain TC employees made thinly veiled threats to the player base for issues that came up due to Gears 5’s poor programming.

As for why Gears 4 is being mothballed completely already, great question. Gears 1-3 and Judgement are still playable to this day. The only issue for them is the weekly events for people who still need the Sybarite achievement in Judgement. The only conclusion I can come up with is that TC has a “too big to fail” mentality for Gears 5. If there is a risk of the player base going back to Gears 4, then kill Gears 4 so they can’t.

You can say Judgement was the worst Gears game to date, but at least it was still playable everywhere it launched 3 months after launch, And it is still playable today.

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J was an abomination.


To this day it remains the only Gears of War title I haven’t played or even considered playing.

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Judgment’s feedback was worse considering it came right after Gears 3, and the predecessors for that matter.

However given the poor design changes and horrible collection of bad decisions in regards to gameplay, TC has given Judgment some serious competition as a terrible game.

I tried to play it twice, I just couldn’t.


Then you are a loyal and brave Gear. :joy:


Personally I hate what they’ve done with the multiplayer. It’s by far the worst in the series. IMO.
that’s all I dislike. Tour of duty, shop content etc won’t make or break this game for me.
I’ll use the generic Kait or swarm all day long if the multiplayer was good.

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It certainly should be.

It’s by far the poorest game of the series. Even 4, which at its very best I would be kind in describing as lacklustre, shines compared to 5.

TC are two new games in, and they have given us a bad game and an abysmal game. Far worse than the four Epic offerings.

J gets hate, but it had a very solid campaign, the declassified missions idea was a nice addition, Overrun was fantastic. ‘Oh noes, I can’t play as a locust in regular PvP’…yeah whatever, Gears PvP has never recaptured that magic and fun that 1 had, all different types of poo…or whatever is worse than poo when we talk about TC Gears PvP.


Wouldn’t know where to begin🙄

I wasn’t hanging out on the forums when Judgement came out so I can’t say but it still gets a lot of hate and 5 is often compared to it.

I will say that I liked Judgement and wasn’t afraid of the changes. They were kinda refreshing, even if they weren’t all great.

5 feels like a big step back for me, and an unnecessary one. Instead of improving on 4, they killed so many of the good aspects and introduced things no one wanted.


It’s not just you man… the game its the most hated game in GOW History.

Yes… most of the people didn’t like the game.
No… its was not an accident… the game wasn’t developed good.

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Gears 5 = worst game in the franchise.

That’s probably why it’s really not called Gears of War 5 lol jk

I know the real reason and I figured I better say it cause you know these forums

I finished the judgment campaign but the removal of DBNO and Locust made that game DOA
G5 is better but G5 is bad not judgment bad however


It’s close but jears still holds that title.
Thinking about the ‘shots come out of the gun and the camera’ system still leaves me baffled.

Tc’s ‘design’ of gears is also a mismatched abomination, but not quite as hardcore an f u to gears players that jears was.

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Gears 5 let’s say its " Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS " and Gears of War 3 its " Star wars Episode III: REVENGE OF THE SITH"