Is it just me or do I never find any games on GOW2?

I never seem to find anybody in multiplayer.

Might be just you because I am playing GOW2 ranked guardian rn. Depends on location, internet setup , time of day (can find matches in the evening - past midnight) ect… Plus you have to be willing to wait sometimes.

Certainly is hard to find a game. I think Guardian has a small playerbase.

…what Ninja said :wink:

I know people are playing wingman.

Troll. That was my favorite game-mode.

Good for you.

Friend of mine has a gears of war 2…horde group …over a 1000 members now…im sure that although its a horde group …there will be players that also play pvp…just search on xbox community groups…hope this helps😁

Just search for guardian, can take some time, but i still find games. Just search monthly and weekly guardian best list. 500 to 1000 people still play.

You prolly need to do some port forwarding on your modem/router. Google it.

I found a few horde games like 4 months ago it was surprising