Is it fixed yet?

Is the EU server ping thing sorted out? I have been enjoying other games thanks to TC. Last time I played we all had like 90 pings and it was crazy inconsistent.

All servers are laggy. Random packet losses occur on all ■■■■■■■ servers…


Ugh… Well thanks for the update, I would go back to G4 but its a 120Gb download. I’ll stick to Elder Scrolls.

I guess elder scrolls is buggy but not laggy.

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I had 30 ping and it was still laggy though I’m not EU.

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Well I played a TDM on there and even though we lost no one quit, Damage was dealt and hits counted lol, I only had one mission where the objective disappeared and I haven’t fallen through any of the world like I did in G5 campaign.

See that’s my thing even with a 30 ping it was laggy, made me think the ping number is just RNG? Or like do others see your ping as high?

See I don’t know why it lags at 20-50 ping which should USUALLY be substantial.

It’s still bad. 100 ping or higher on guardian

No, I’m in Scotland I was playing arcade yesterday for a bit, pings were up to 180 ms and higher in some cases, same players every game too. Gets old fast.

Why is it 11:30 in the morning in the UK and I’m still getting put on American servers whilst playing on my own. Last night 11 out of 12 games on American servers. 100+ ping every match. Gears 5 multiplayer unplayable outside of the US. It’s a disgrace TC

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You see the ping rate was affected by the broadband connection to the EU servers and caused data loss and the re synchronizing of those packets caused an error which requires a device restart to queue up the ping scripts again to ultimately lower the pings on those respective servers.

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Are you sayin words bruv?

Arnold Voice: “Affirmative”

So like I wanna try gears 5 again and legit just loaded up after not playing for like 2 weeks… and now we can’t find a match due to server allocation… LOL