Is it even worth coming back

I haven’t really picked up the game in Versus in at least 8 months and horde mode i had a few games. is it even worth coming back. Is the game still trash


Still trash.

You still get shot when the person is aiming away from you.
Mass lag
Massive hit box issues
Mass poo


Hell no that beta tuning about to end this game for good

They fixed the stupidity of horde mode so if you liked GOW 4 horde it is more like that now with any character can be any class, anyone can build, access to all weapons for all, and duplicates are allowed.

Check out the notes and info for Operation 5 Hallow Storm and decide if it is time to return to GOW 5.


No. Horde is better but everything else is the same ■■■■.

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If you’re a ranked king player & play for fun, hell yes.

Even then still some issues on king but I find it more about having bad teammates. But king is actually tolerable to a degree.

I don’t know about everything else.

Personally I’m just checking every day for when that new tuning gets added in to come back and everyone whining about it leaves and takes their controllers with the broken A buttons with them

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The games in a much better state than 8 months ago

People do overly moan but my god gears is still fun

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No, gears turned from a cover based Shooter into a ping based Shooter. All you Need is a crappy connenction and Than place yourself point blank in the middle of the map and shoot. The lag compensation and netcode does the Rest for you. And with the upcoming Slower movement it will be Even easier. Not to forget the balanced matchmaking(Cough),But Tc seems to be Aware of this issues(COUGH COUGH) and are constantly changing weapons Tunings which are pretty useless as long as These Above mentioned issues Exists. Did i forget something? Ah yes sometimes gnasher is not firing,but thats not that Important for a Shooter Game. :grinning:


game has a lot of issues, but it’s playable

everyone has their own gripe; mine is the ranking, going from master to diamond one, back to master every other day needs to be fixed

Seems like VS hasn’t changed much, but that’s from what I saw on the forums, so take it with a grain of salt, I don’t play that regularly.

Horde is a lot more fun now though. It’s worth giving it a go for that, but if you aren’t very passionate about it I would unfortunately wait until OP6, so around early March.

TC is going to roll out the new Beta-tuning soon. Maybe you would enjoy this tuning once you try it?

The community has a split opinion on the new beta-tuning.
I personally don’t enjoy it.

New Horde boss in Horde (Wakaatu)

Also classes are now decoupled. Check out the OP5 notes for the full information.

Also no new escape maps in OP5.

Overall PvE is in a far better state than what it used to be. I can’t comment on PvP because I have mixed feelings about this.

And there is a new Campaign DLC about Mac, Lahni and Keegan. It is a short but well loved Campaign. The Wakaatu is the main boss. The Venom used by the Escape team is comes from the Wakaatu’s acid.

New Hivebusters DLC is good. Its really short but it is good. Horde is now what they should of done day one, it’s not perfect but it’s enjoyable (Well I think so)

Versus, meh, I drop in and out. Nothing special. No one seems happy about the new tuning coming and every game seems to be a total sweat fest now. Even in social.

They also returned the gnasher to 8 shots from the nerfed and stupid 6 shots at launch, and you do NOT have to double reload anymore to get all your shots back.

Gnasher is back to how it should have been.


Heads up, play Gears of War 1,2, and 3 instead. They are worth playing, and horde is basic, but at least it playable. (Gears 2 Horde)

It’s worth returning to the original trilogy


It is, XD.

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Who told you that lie?