Is it "common" that Mechanic ultimate doesn't fire after stepping out?

I had every card lvl 6 for RE, so I’m trying the same with Mechanic.

I was playing horde daily and I was using the turret, one of my team mates was DBNO so I stepped out the turret to revive him/her.

After that I went back to use the turret, but it didn’t work. Turret had ammo and almost 1/3 of the time, but just stopped shooting.

I know about the delay when you use it, but not firing is new for me

that a rare feature where it stop working it even happens to those turrets on that tile map too but there broken for the whole game

This is a fairly common occurrence in my experience


Thanks. Now I know that I have to expect some non functional turret from time to time.


Are you leaving while it is overheated and does not fire? Small but very important detail because the turrets on other maps(Abyss in Horde, The Onslaught in Escape) also used to/still bug out and stop firing for a specific player when they get off while it’s overheated(the latter is only the case if the issue was never fixed which I don’t recall). So same problem may be affecting the Mech turret.



I was trying to do a lot of damage to a boss before getting off to revive the DBNO player