Is it better yet or

Does this game still suck I miss gears? It’s just no other game that gives me that level of adrenaline somebody please tell me this game is better now

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I don’t understand why people post these kinds of questions, especially without elaborating why they stopped playing, when they stopped playing, and what they used to play before (Versus, Horde, Escape). Even amongst fans, we have different opinions about the game and will have experienced it fairly differently,

I say just play the game again and decide for yourself.


Sounds like you’d agree with my response then? I just used the abbreviation of what you wrote basically.


I’ve never seen this abbreviation before! :smiley: Looks like a made-up UIR word or something.


Yep it’s the 2nd best Gears after Judgment. Will probably become my Fav by the time the game gets to end of life.

Definitely Grosnyan.

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Gears 5 has always been good. The real question is, are you better yet?


It’s always been de rigueur to absolutely poop trash every current Gears and then remember it with rose tinted glasses later when there’s a new game to poop on.

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Pvp - no
PvE - ye…no…ah

So in summary… somewhatnotreallykindagreat

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PvP is pretty bad.
PvE is better.


I’m the exception I guess. G5 was awesome pre tuning update. Best gears experience even with the garbage 2 shot gib city gnasher gameplay.

G4 was awful. G3 was better than 4 but still bad imo. Horde for g3 was a much better experience because enemy variety.

I dropped the game a little before the end of OP1, and aside from finally running through the campaign during op3 or 4 or not sure, I only picked it up again a couple of weeks before the end of OP5.

Horde - I liked it in OP1, although felt it was stale by the time I dropped the game. Now, horde is pretty decent. Frenzy, regular, health nerfs, taps not forges, dailies, no need for JD spamming etc. Having so many different classes to work on, there’s scope for playing in most ways you could want, and there are many different ways to be successful and feel like you are progressing, both card / CXP wise, and skill wise. Plus a year’s worth of added maps to play on. Enjoying horde.

Escape - Seems by and large the same. I’ve had a moderate amount of fun running through all the new to me hives, but, as someone who barely played it at launch, I’m not feeling any great progression in the mode. I could well be worng on that of course given my limited play history. For me, not a fan then, still not a fan.

PvP - When it works, balanced teams, good connections, minimal BS, it’s great. When it works is far too infrequent though. I missed all the various tunings, and can see the current divide between the haters and lovers of the current (final?) tuning. I just find the overall PvP experience to be far too inconsistent to be fun, and the odd awesome match is not worth all the BS ones.

Campaign - Hivebusters was a good little addition imo. Worth a run through.


Horde - better
Escape - same
PvP - still too much BS to recommend

Back to troll some more I see .

maybe this will tell u


Only thing better than an uninstalled post is an uninstalled video. So many people love the practice re-installing I’ve gathered.

What’s with posts like this?

Y’all are acting like Gears 5 was a nuclear bomb and you had to retreat to your bomb shelter for safety. Now, instead of climbing out of your shelter with your geiger counter to check for deadly levels of radiation yourself, you decided to ask the mutants on the surface who never had anywhere to go instead.

Bro, fire the game up and see for yourself. There is no need to attack the game under the guise of ignorance.


That’s fair and I do think most people do have individual thoughts on each of the Gears games but there seems to be a recency effect when it comes to gripes with the game. I think people just rail on whatever there daily aggravations are but when it comes to days gone by they tend to forget these daily aggravations.

Over the past 13 years I’ve read many of the same threads over and over and they practically follow a formula. Something like:
Fix your game [insert current Gears developer]. [insert current Gears game] is trash. Gnasher is trash. Netcode is trash. Servers are trash. I shot that guy 10 times but then he looks at me and I die.

A lot of people say the current game is crap because xyz but these complaints have been around for every game from my experience.



Add me OP. We will have fun (if you like fun) together.

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