Is it at all possible to still get Augustus Cole?

Starting with the main topic, I’d read that I can still get Cole even this late if I outright buy the game for the full $60 on the Xbox PC App, as that would count as a ‘pre-order.’ I have my doubts, but I figured I’d ask, is this true?

I currently have Gears Tactics through the Xbox Games Pass, and it’s been great fun. Admittedly I was a single day late on getting Cole. I didn’t have the money to pay for the $15 for the Pass (I’d had it before so I wasn’t eligible for the $1 first month anymore),

Money being that tight was an out of the ordinary thing due to other circumstances but I’m fine to buy the game for the full $60 now if I wanted, but I see little point in doing so if I truly can’t get Cole anymore. If it’s true and I can still acquire him, I’d do the full purchase.

Edit: If it’s still possible to get Cole AND purchase on Steam instead of Xbox PC (I’d like to be able to use some of the mods that have come out), that would be the most ideal.

Don’t even waste the money he takes 30k xp to unlock

He’s talking about Tactics, not Gears 5.

As far as I’m aware, the ability to obtain Cole in Tactics only lasted until May 4, then that window closed. Unless they allow players to get him through another way, I’m pretty sure that deal’s done and sealed.

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Lol yeah, thank you.

Whoops my bad on that lol

There’s a reason why we have the “Gears Tactics” section and the “Gears 5” section.

Even then 30k XP is nothing. Easily earnable in a week or two.

I earned that in a single day spamming Horde with the bois.

I hope someone who actually knows the answer to this actually replies to this thread though, lmao. I’m sure TC wouldn’t mind another purchase, especially if a simple answer from them could land it.

I dont know any other way to get him, unless they make him just a standard DLC in the future like the Gears 4 pre order bonuses.