Is it a rule not to add new guns to versus? Add that HoD already

Ehh, we all know the “answer” if we consider the game canon, but it doesnt make sense having locust, old cog and UIR characters in versus so lets remove that lol

Anyways, I think the dropshot does a better job in versus because you dont need the charge time and open rooms to use. Back in Gears 3 only a few selected maps had the HoD on matchmaking , and most of them were part of dlcs.

However it would be a neat addition to PvE, Dropshot and Boomshot are kinda useless on higher horde waves anyways. The hammer at least insta killed some enemies even on the last waves in gears 3.

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What game are you playing? You can kill almost anything with perfect reloaded Boomshots even on Master past wave 10 (when they get more health), Dropshots are harder as they require headshots but still possible. HoD would probably be a poor man’s Boomshot in Horde, though it would be fun for sures :+1:

Just not my type of weapon i guess, i would prefer to carry a sniper or a bow thats easier to get a headshot than with one of those weapons that carry way less bullets and the chances for an easier kill would be less, specially with tanky enemies like DBs or rejects lol.