Is it a bug or is my controller broken?

The last few days I have noticed that randomly, when pushing up on my control stick, my character will slowly walk forward even after I let go of the stick. This has never happened before but it feels like it started when Op5 dropped. But it is possible my shoddy Elite 2 controller has developed yet another problem, besides the non responsive bumpers and the broken trigger locking switches.

Anyone else seeing this happen?



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It could be a “stick drift” issue where it slightly locks in at a forward or backwards angle, enough to be registered as an input. An old XB One controller I have that has seen a lot of action has this to an extreme extent where it can lock in at the extreme edge of where it can be pushed in any direction. Why do I keep it around? I don’t know, but I don’t really feel like I want to throw it away either.

You can avoid this by playing with deadzones if it’s just a little bit apparently, but I’m no expert when it comes to that field.

How annoying. You would have hoped that when you buy a premium controller such as this, it would be made to a standard that is higher than what it is. This controller isn’t even 11 months old!!

I’ve been having more luck with my regular XB One controllers(or the Kait one except one of the rubbers deciding to start coming off after a year of usage which has made me put it down until I decide what the best way to fix the problem is, if I stop forgetting about it all the time), which haven’t really experienced stick drift if I don’t mistreat them.

Even then, it’s either a solution of manually fine setting the stick back to an idle position or modifying the “deadzones” but that might also affect more than just the stick with drift.

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. I’m on my 6th pad because of stick drift.
My brother can repair them and he had to swap out the little white box that reads the analogue sticks position.
He says that the ones in the xbox one pads is the cheapest one you can buy.
He swaps them with a replacement that is only a few pence more expensive and they work as they should.

My original 360 still works absolutely fine ffs!

Microsoft extended the warranties to a year so if yours is within the year I’d look into getting it replaced.