Is horde in Gears 5 dead?

I don’t know for you but on top of that, refreshing the lobby list or switching class/character, loading account are getting worse and worse. It takes more and more time/lag on my side and make all the process to find and set up a game really annoying.
All my internet setup is ok and stable, multiplayer compliance test is ok.

Coming back to last post, there are less and less diversity of course (BR or mania proposal almost disappear)
Except daily hive/horde, the game is becoming a zombie place

Has been dead from the start. I don’t like it either but maybe people don’t want to fight a Sentinel and/or Guardian every 2-3 waves while you barely get any time to build or perk between waves. I don’t like it either but that’s where things seem to stand.

Boss Rush though is just boring. All I see is a Demo and Tactician explosives spamming fest if they’re even remotely competent while the other classes are accessory at worst or mildly helpful at best. Plus the stupid bird and a Kestrel practically every wave.

You are killing my hopes … actually you’re right. But where these game modes are becoming interesting is when you’re playing with randoms without any habits.
Even with demo and tact, BR could lead to a fail. It is this effect that makes you (me) playing differently. But ok with you about the wakatu.

Yesterday I found one BR in rail line. It was a competent team (obviously one demo and 2 tact but also a marksman who felt probably some pain). I took BM and did my thing. We won and damage was balanced between classes while you would think it could have been a demo fest)

Mania is not so bad just a bit frustrating mainly due to flyers waves. But I even can’t remember the last time since I won one. And now it is quiete impossible to find one or to fill in one.

Escape is still ok but limited to daily/weekly and the usual suspects insane surge and master clock.

I’ll take Escape from Kadar or Roulette over any other mode.
Recently I’ve been playing with a group of guys doing every mode on every map. We are on Nexus Siege right now. And we’ve had a few interesting runs.
Once on Abyss Jermad glitched out, fell through the map and after some time died. I was disappointed.

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I played two games with those guys the other day. Unfettered was there but he had to reinstall the game again since it froze on him and it wouldn’t work.

yeah Hawk told me and he also mentioned you asked if he knows me and I said to him Gears community is so small that everyone knows everyone.

I never played Nexus Siege. Partly because the design choice for the mode involved a complete removal of perks.

I might have considered it if they were in. But not interested in a no forts no perks mode with some of the most stupid enemies in the game.

If only the playerbase wasn’t stupidly fixated with the dailies and the most boring of maps.

Horde is not dead! It is a juvie!

Don’t know if this has been already done during past challenges but I wonder if it could be « fun » to play classes with only green cards.
This mode should lead to some slight adaptations no ?
Horde of course (escape has been mastered without card already for some hives)