Is horde in Gears 5 dead?

I haven’t played much Gears for a decent amount of months but last couple of nights I’ve been wanting to play some horde again. Problem is I can’t find any lobbies.

I do the usual filters - master and Incon and good connection. All I find is max 2 lobbies, where at least one of them is dead.

So, is no one playing horde these days?

(I’ve been a part of the discussion regarding horde in 5 since game release so I don’t ask for opinions about Gears 5 horde in general.)

Not many people play at this hour

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As I said I searched for lobbies last couple of nights, or at hours where it used to be a lot of matches.
At this hour when it’s late in the Americas and morning in Europe has never been good times for lobby searching.

There are still people that play but there aren’t as many as there once were.

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As someone who still plays Horde almost every Day: No it’s not dead but it’s definitely harder to find Lobbies (let alone good ones) Midday (EU-Time)

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Yeah, I’m used to those “run around on your own/lone wolf”-style games or “low levels everyone buys everything” since way back but now I can’t seem to find even those.

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There’s tons of lobbies my friend.

Guess we’re online at different times then or have different preferences of what a lot of lobbies looks like. Last time i checked was Saturday night and then one lobby was joinable

It’s variable even during supposed peak times. Some days are a bit busier than others but not by that much. I find for Horde its hard to fill a lobby unless you’re doing an easy map; or whatever the daily map is. If the lobby is for a less popular and more difficult map it can take ages.

I find there’s a bit of a domino effect too. People are less likely to join empty lobbies as they don’t want to wait. But once a lobby starts to fill to 3/5 players then the last couple of spots fill up quickly. The longest part of the wait is for the first two players to get the ball rolling.


There was a solid page and a half of master lobbies all yesterday evening and last night…on helloween no less.

Gears 4 Horde was much better IMO

Was it alive!? :thinking:

No. Gears 5 Horde (class system version) is better, more variety of nearly everything, killed by the community and the dailies.

Don’t forget to add Overload, Camp Drive, District and Atrium to the list. And TCs horrible management of the game/mode for half of the game’s lifespan.

Just two days ago I saw someone demand “master players” or something while hosting a lobby on Atrium. Didn’t join it but I have my bets on that they were going to camp the relic room.

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The daily map/modifiers have killed it a bit for me since majority of lobbies will be the daily. And if it has modifiers that goes against whatever class I want to play that day then I just won’t play.
For example the long range modifiers that makes enemies harder to kill the closer they are, sucks when I want to play a melee focused class. And vice versa.

That map can be fun if you set up in the high ground.

And I’m fairly sure most randoms don’t go to Atrium with the intention of setting up on the high ground. It certainly surprises me if I play it as the daily and everyone goes along with me dragging the fab there.

Ah, but you need skills to make effective use of the high ground. Darth Maul didn’t have it. Obi-Wan did.

Yeah I struggle to find games that aren’t the bloody daily. I’m still surprised level 20 players would rather play a crap daily load out of mutators on a crap map than try anything else.

I tried tomb about 450 times today on a 50 or frenzy and people would bail the second the fab was put down and it wasn’t the top taps. I wish they had made the taps spawn from the nearest point when you put the fab down, so you can plan a strategy going in.

I know people hate on Atrium but on the few times I’ve found a team not hole up in the room it’s a fun map. I’m halfway though the last re-up. Right now I’m taking whatever I can get Blood drive, overload Atrium to get this game finished.

I hosted a game on Reclaimed (non-daily) the other evening and it took 30 minutes to fill the lobby. The game was roughly between 10pm and midnight GMT, so close enough to “peak time”. Seems like non-daily lobbies take around 30 minutes to fill nowadays as an average.