Is Heavy still bad?

As the title says is the heavy class still garbage? Back from a long break and it’s the only class I didn’t go 50 straight on Inconceivable. Everyone posting on the group finder, regular or speed run, only wants scouts, soldiers, or engineers. I also remember when updates were coming out people got mad at each one making them worse and worse. Any Horde vets with insight?

The Heavy is still useful in normal Horde runs. They’re reliant on having enough Weapon Locker slots and being good with the Dropshot though (Boomshot is quite underpowered on harder difficulties).

It’s just not useful for Speedruns where the most common speedrun setup is one Engineer, one Scout, one Sniper and two Soldiers. The vast majority of speedruns use this team composition.

Heavies can be used on speedruns on Mercy, War Machine, Lift and Rustlung, but this is more optional than compulsory. From memory I don’t recall any others where a Heavy can be used.

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Master the Dropshot and there is nothing you can’t kill. Add extra rounds and explosive damage and you’re a beast. Pair those with thick skin and last stand to laugh at scions.

Last card for extra damage I rotate between mark damage and berserker.

So to answer your question, it’s bad if you don’t know how to use a dropshot, otherwise the heavy is a killing machine.



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inconceivable is easier than insane. The enemies die faster on inconceivable difficulty than insane making it easier regardless if u still die faster on inconceivable difficulty rather than insane. Easier to kill enemies just makes it much easier than bullet sponges but u die in one or two shots. it still sometimes like 2 shots from a markza on inconceivable till u die, like insane but the enemies die faster. its just easier than insane.

I honestly find insane easier than inconceivable. I’ve played way too many inconceivable games for the longest now and when I tried playing insane again, it almost felt too easy to a point where I became bored and left a few games. I mostly play inconceivable because I enjoy it and the higher rewards are always a good thing to earn. Obviously insane or inconceivable will be difficult if your teammates aren’t experienced, but other than that, both are quite easy with a good team.


Agreed. Dropshot is a beast. Even as scout I enjoy swapping gnasher for dropshot and headshotting scions. You can get quite good at it. Useless on reclaimed wind flare though unless you want to bother with trying to learn to compensate for wind.

Thanks for the replies and tips. Will def have to try the new comp of skills with drop.

Heavy is one of 2 of the strongest Classes - along with Sniper (with the right Cards of course) but the most difficult to master. Thats why alot of People cant really play Heavys right - which is infact the Reason some Players believe Heavys are bad. Give a skilled Heavy some Decoys and he will carry the Whole Team.

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