Is Guardian still in Co op vs

I don’t perform well enough in Guardian to be given leadership so that sorta makes those 35 overall kills as leader a bit… impossible. Any confirmation if this is still available in co op vs?

In Versus A.I., there is only KOTH, TDM and Gridiron.

Saw dodgeball earlier…

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Guardian needs to return to Co-Op vs AI (and Ranked).
Also, the medal for getting kills as the leader is really stupid.
As the leader you are supposed to try to stay alive. The medal is encouraging riskier play to get the kills. Which leads to losing the match.
A much better idea for a medal would be “Kill the enemy leader 35 times” or “As the Leader stay alive for x minutes.”

I understand there is most likely nothing that can be done for this operation, but can this be something that gets passed along to the team for consideration for future ops? @TC_Kilo1062

Most of the versus daily objectives are more or less “do stupid ■■■■ that will get you stars but cause your team to lose the match” so this is nothing unusual.