Is Grind Season another broken achievement?

So, we have started the last week of Operation 1, which means Grind Season should be unlockable for everyone who won a Ranked match since launch.

Probably not? I won my last required Ranked and well, surprise… It didn’t unlock.

Is this the case for everyone or just me?

This is the second last week. Not last week. Try next week.


Still a few more weeks to go before we start complaining its broken @foosniper :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yes m8…I’ve contemplated that very thought :rofl:

It will take much more weeks to unlock. Description says win a ranked in every week in a ranked season not in every week of an operation. Ranked season takes much longer till a new season begins.

What do you base this on? My understanding is a ranked season runs for the duration of an operation. Ranks will be reset when operation 2 starts.

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Do we know if there is any actual tracking of every week or if it is simply a ranked match since launch of Operation?


I read 12 of 12.

See you next week when the achievement is actually broken!

Execution game mode counts right?

Well, it didn’t unlocked for me after winning a rank match very week for the last 12 weeks.

It’s officially broken I guess.

We’re having a discussion about if it is glitched or just that we need to wait until the end of this week over in this thread: Grind Season Buggy/Glitched?

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