Is global chat diabled?

I did a search but didn’t find anything recent. I used to push right analog stick down, or press U on my keyboard for global chat in Horde. Neither of them work and I can’t figure out why.

Any ideas?


Doubt x1000


Hold X. It may seem weird but dont DOUBT it.

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If this isn’t bait its located here


Same thing when someone can’t use the search-function/google.


Don’t help them! Delete that!

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I checked that and it’s on. Still not working though.

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have you checked if you were banned/suspended?

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Doubt intensifies

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This was my first thought too. Although, I did get curious…

If you just type the word “chat” into the search, you get a bunch of old articles that have nothing to do with the latest change.

If you type “chat disabled”, you only get a couple, but only one or two have relevant titles.

Maybe this whole time, people have actually been searching and it’s just that the search function sucks? :thinking:


That could be a possibility, but as I said.

Doubt. I just don’t think it’s possible.

No I didn’t get any messages that I was suspended.

Google “gears 5 global chat”. Plenty of sites telling you where and how to turn it on.

What a great change. Thank you, TC. Very cool!


I have it turned on and still nothing happens when I push U on my keyboard, or R3. The command prompts don’t even show up on my screen like they used to, and the chat window never pops up at all.

I have to message other players directly and that works fine, but global chat seems to be completely gone for me.

Maybe try a reboot

well don’t worry about it, global chat is toxic beyond belief anyways so its a blessing :slight_smile:

I re-started my xbox again and now it’s working. Sorry :’-/

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Awesome. @SH00BiE_D00 deserves credit for the “solution” of this thread though, not me. :slightly_smiling_face: