Is getting worse possible in this game?

On top the regular horrible game play. Now even with decent pings nothing works. Shots don’t register. Bullets go right threw players. Beyond stupid! Is this a possible update T.C didn’t bother telling anyone? I’m getting super sweaty to get 1 kill…PC glitch?


Did you put your settings to lethal or non lethal?


Just give up on the game already, it’s terrible.

this game is a yoke, play 4 10 years and i hate it

Well I play online ranked so I don’t think those are options. I heard it’s a bug for pc players. I play on a pc.

Kazuya , what are you playing these days?
Cause I’ve been looking foreward to return to Gears UE , but the EU Servers are just empty , matchmaking is literally a lost cause.

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Star Wars: Fallen Order when I’ve had the time. Gears 5 seriously damaged my passion for Gears as a whole. I think I may go back to Gears 3 or 4 eventually. It’s a busy time of year, especially with a baby.

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Yeah I play online ranked as well. I think you are right the non lethal option is only on quickplay.

Whew , even tho I’m saddened by your feeling as a fan , I can strongly relate.
And I had no idea you had a mini Kazuya back there :joy:

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Haha good gif :joy:. Yes well, almost. A daughter. :joy:

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