Is Gears Ultimate just gears 1 re-mastered?


I am sure this is a silly question.

Trying to keep busy for another 2 weeks. I played the 1st part of Ultimate to unlock achievement. it seems to me that is was just like gears 1. Can some one confirm?

If is different i go and finish the campaign.


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has extra Chapter with Brumak.


Maybe i play it out then just to say i did and get some story progression achievements.

It’s a really good game. One of the best campaigns. Definitely play it.

Gears ultimate dont count you have to play the original gow

I did. it was good just little sluggish. I will play ultimate as well, so i can say i played all gears campaigns.

Yeah that’s cool you good a multiplayer?

Well, that somewhat of a loaded question…lol

I play only KOTH. sometimes i have great game others trash. Last night i had a really goo game 57 kills, but 3 games before that 25 28.

My ping is extremely low it holds at 5 to 10, so most times my 1st shot never registers even at point blank.

that more then you ask so sorry lol. why do you ask?

Need someone to play with. Well need is a bit strong, but I’d like to you know play with someone since I’ve never have really never with someone good anyway

are you east coast?

Omen is good he is on east coast. Lots on the community vets on here are onyx. I was close to gold one, but because of the match making now have lost a whole rank. example last night KOTH i had to play with 9 onyx 3 players. I am now Bronze 3 98%. I did okay at 35 kills, but they where at 50 and above, so ugh i got wrecked.

If your taking just campaign sure hit me up . also i can help on achievement. i have 163 of 164 on gears 4. I also have the Dom secret achievement at a save point.

Yeah man for sure let’s do campaign I need to re do it anyway to get gilded Kate and more achievements n stuff just add me