Is Gears Tactics coming to Xbox One?

It is very hard to get an official statement, on the official websites (Gears Tactics . com and www. xbox. com /en-US/ games/ gears-tactics), the only platforms I see are:

Nothing about Xbox One. Why is this? I thought Gears was one of the prime Xbox series, so why is it not coming to Xbox One (at least not first)?

So will the game come to Xbox One ever/now/later?
Thanks! /Anders

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It will come to Xbox One at later date. I don’t know why PC first, but it was built ground up on PC. Even though Gears is Xbox flagship franchise, it doesn’t mean it can’t come onto other platforms like Gears Pop is on mobile.

Its been confirmed to be coming to xbox at a later date.

Rod confirmed in a tweet that it will come to Xbox later :slight_smile:


I almost read that as Red confirmed :grin:


It’s coming on PC first because XCOM/XCOM style games are really popular in the PC community and plays better on PC


True, but you can use M&K on console

But isnt it strange that there is no “official” information on this? I mean, the websites should at least say Xbox One “later/preorder” at least. I am a bit tired of Xcom 2 after my Xth playthrough so was looking forward to this on console, but apparently have to wait some more… Anyway, happy to hear it was confirmed on a tweet, so it will come eventually :smiley: (No, I don’t have a gaming/PC now, so can’t play there, unfortunately).

Regarding “plays best on PC”; I can agree for realtime strategy that is too hectic for consoles, but as this is turn-based there is no problem at all on console. I have played Xcom and Xcom 2 and all DLCs over and over on PS3 and Xbox One respectively, works perfect! :slight_smile:

I imagine a tired Rod who’s already left Xbox, just telling people on Twitter fake facts about Gears, “Oh yes Master Chief is coming to 5,” “Dom really lived,” “The Locust are real, but we banished them to Russia.”

It’s what I would do.