Is Gears tactics cancelled?

What is up with Gears Tactics?Anyone know something?

It’s a Mystery.

I would like to know too.

Not a single thing mentioned.

Although, I’ve not seen them mention POP! Either.

They’ve only talked about Gears 5: Escape so far.

They showed POP on E3.


Must have missed it,

But still hope Tactics has life :eyes:

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@III_EnVii_III there was a trailer for POP! and they have pre-registration open for Android and IOS.

The private beta is relatively stable from my use of it, so I cant imagine a full release will be that long. It would be reasonable to expect a release by the end of this year.


I played the pilot on iOS :+1:

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I hope BOTH get canceled

“Fergusson said his team is rather open to considering anything, but at the moment, they’re too busy developing Gears 5, Gears Tactics, Gears Pop, and managing other projects to seriously consider developing a battle royale mode.”

Tactics is still happening!

Last E3, we showed Gears Tactics because we wanted to show everyone the future of Gears across 3 platforms, not necessarily because we planned to talk about all of them again this E3. We just wanted to more than show a logo and give you a taste of each instead!

Gears 5 is less than 90 days away so, as you can imagine, all focus is on talking about that right now.


Glad to have that cleared up. Thank you.

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Will it come to console?

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I bet it will be a scarlet launch title.


The two points I am seeing is that it would only be around 4-6 months away from Console after PC release.


Yes, a Scarlett release makes sense.

That way, you have a Halo and Gears title for launch!

Lets stay focused on Gears 5.

As others said it makes sense for it to come with Scarlet so we have over a year to focus on Gears 5

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I just hope that Gears tactics will be a triple A game and it becomes a series.
There is a lot of potential here for expanding Gears Universe in the beginnings of war.
For example i would like to play one day as UIR or Locust!

I’d love to see more spinoff games that change the formula a little bit. Before I said I’d love to see a horror-style game where you play as a Stranded with a baseball bat and don’t have any guns so you have to sneak around the Locust. Maybe Resident Evil style if that makes sense.

Can you even smash a Locust’s head in with a baseball bat, when the blade of a Retro Lancer(lore-wise) was having trouble piercing their hide?

But then, I guess it’s not too far fetched if I can take machines down with a bow and spear in Horizon Zero Dawn… if you hit them hard enough, or often enough, with a baseball bat, I guess it could kill a Locust.

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Well yeah, but what I meant by comparing the idea to Resident Evil was to depower the player. So instead of being a one-man-war machine like Tai, or Marcus, you could be a teenager like Jace in Raam’s Shadow, where he has a Bat trying to face off Wretches and you’d be better at hiding than fighting. Like the few moments of hiding in Gears 1-3, or in Gears 2 (Road to Ruin) where they come up with an inventive plan to sneak their way to nexus.

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As someone who likes to use stealthy approaches to either avoid or take down enemies, I can agree with this. Hard to make something feel scary or intimidating when you can just shoot it to death(though it is still possible to create such a feeling even if you can shoot an enemy to death).

But much harder. However, games like Alien Isolation and Resident Evil work so well because…well you can kill the smaller drone-like enemies, (Whether they be people, Zombies, or Wretches) you can’t scratch the bigger ones, (Like a Xenomorph, Trench-Coated Soldier, or even a Grenadier with a Gnasher).