Is gears of war 4 multiplayer dead?


I’ve been trying to find a game on gears of war 4 for pc for the last 2 weeks and I still can’t seem to find a game. Is it dead or are the servers down? I’m playing on pc and trying to find a game using quick match. I tried earlier and waited 15 minutes and still nothing. Is anyone else having these issues?

You tagged this with Horde, but it looks like you’re talking about versus?

Either way, check the windows store for updates. There have been two updates for the game over the last few weeks, and if you haven’t downloaded them, you won’t be able to find matches.

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What region?

I think due to the fact the game never really recovered connection wise after that 5xp event is the main problem for people leaving. I’m searching on average now at first around 7mins to find a game of koth. (UK and trying around 6-7pm).
Took me 12mins to find a game for the comp 2.8. People on my side quit (I expect nothing less now) 3v5 on escalation is horrific, the match was a right off. Went to search again and after 10mins later of searching i decided to close the game completely.

Most of my friends have stopped playing and I’ve noticed now that I’m being paired up with people outside of Europe, Flags and pings confirm this

If you search at peak the game is well populated and you can find a game pretty easily.

Off-peak, it is a bit harder to find a game, I remember looking for 70 minutes for a Escalation game when the skins were available (play 2 games win or lose and get 2 skins, cant remember exactly what skins they were).

And if you are searching on PC the population is even lower, and is dependent on how many people turn Ranked Crossplay on.