Is gears of war 4 a step back in some ways?

So badically…

Servers - on UE you could pick the server you wanted to play on… and you could have low ping like 15-30 for me anyways in EU. you could do this at the start of GoW4 but for some reason changed it now the game decides and sometimes i have played on 250 ping?? Its been unplayable worse then GoW2 lag at times…

Core/Comp tuning - Dont think anyone understands why there is 2 tunings sometimes if i am playing alone I dont wanna play escalation in pub and rather Koth but core tuning puts me off… people might say core is for casuals at this point in Gow4 you get allot of 5mans abusing core and its so easy. Should be one tuning as casuals will not get better and become competitive because they will be 2 use 2 the core tuning. Other gears games had 1 tuning and it should stay like that… its how you get better at the game.

Matchmaking Ranked - I dont see how this is skill based matchmaking. Why at Onyx and diamond people are still getting into matches with bronze and silvers…? Dont see the point in diamond if you aint playing people your skill level all the time.

Ranked leaderboards - Ranked leaderboards completly gone? only social… Really dont understand why there no ranked leaderboards… Maybe not even points like in social buf Skill points? Like it would be intresting to see who is the best ranked players by Skill points abit like other games.
E.g rocket league
Make ranked so the highest people with skill points are vsing eachother this coulf benefit pro players… aswell look at rocket league loads of pros are vsing other pros in there ranked games because they are getting matched by skill points and not random…

Hopefully they add this to GoW5 as TC i guess is trying to push esports more then casuals? Idk… but ranked is pointless just like in all the other gears games in my opinion. At least the other gears games you played for leaderboards in ranked. Idk what people play ranked for now… Diamond? Then some games you are playing golds… yh…

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My frustration is that after the option for choose region was removed, I can’t find ranked matches anymore.


Gears 4 is Diet Gears or Gears lite as the rest of the world tends to call it, compared to Gears 3.
We lost so many things and modes. I see this happen across many series of games. I think the greatest content and features in the Forza games is Forza 2 and then 3.
We seem to get less for our money the longer we support a franchise.


I didn’t read your post at all, I’ve only read the title of this thread. But I have my own opinion of why the game is a step back in some way. To a lot of people, there are some things that tc could of done better. I mean, we’re all hoping they do better in gears 5 for their sake obviously. First of all I’d just like to say for me, I feel as if campaign was kind of boring to replay just for achievements that I couldn’t be bothered to get.

Secondly, private versus wasn’t given any thought in terms of not being able to earn anything through private matches and is something that I played a lot. Quite often I’d play through campaign on gears 3 or play private matches because you actually got something for playing them.

And last but definitely not least… The unlock system. All I’m gonna say is it could of been done better.

Some ways? i think it would be easier to count how many steps forward there are because there aren’t as many

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I completely agree with the leaderboard thing, GOW1 leaderboards were so competitive and going for a high rank weekly was a big motivator for me, especially when the weekly leaderboards reset on a Sunday. Placements or whatever they are called are cool but there’s no sense of progression if you have a bad game and it makes it difficult to get into diamond if you run solo even if you’re a good player, at least with a good leaderboard system you can work towards a good rank even if you are losing a lot of games.

It’s not a step back in some ways, it’s a Hulk leap backwards in every way. The only thing this game has on the older Gears games is better graphics but that’s mostly thanks to it being on a stronger console. It animates worse, it plays worse, they even somehow ■■■■■■ up the ability to select a ■■■■■■■ match type in social. Now you’re forced to play ranked with no more drop in/drop out so have fun when someone quits, and they will, when they get tired of shooting someone in the back 3 times just to get 1 shotted from a single gnasher pellet that landed on their foot. Or enjoy your suspensions from any of the numerous matchmaking issues that either boot you from the game or hang in the matchmaking screen for 10+ minutes until you realize you have better uses of your time.

Gears of War 4 is terrible, it’s worse than ‘made for tv sequel’ levels of bad and it is tragic. This game still has disasterious audio after 2 betas and 2 full releases , at some point it sets in that this is the franchise now. In Gears 5, I expect to see at least 3 different weapon tunings, tons more characters (lets add Master Chief and the Forza driver guys!!!) and whatever is the new trend clumsily shoved into the Gears universe.

There’s many problems with this Gears. Minus the terrible support PC players have had with the game not running/crashing on the latest Nvidea drivers, there’s still so much to talk about. MP maps, the variety is not there. Game-modes, the variety isn’t there. Horde, the variety isn’t there. The Swarm designs, the variety isn’t there… luckily they started putting the locust back in MP, but it took them years…

The god awful weapons that TC tried so hard to make “the best” and aren’t Horde/Swarm in any way, and are all as rectangular as possible to show off “dem sweet skins bruh”. Minecraft weapons, cause of how blocky they are. Surprised there hasn’t been a Minecraft skin…

Now, Gears 5 is looking really nice and I do want to see more weapons and get rid of all the ones in Gears 4, they were all terrible, including the dropshot… sorry, but the lag could’ve been handled so much better when pulling and releasing the trigger, it’s a power weapon and you failed…

And the Torque Bow was so good in Gears 1 and then it just became… something else and never really came back…

And the gnasher, ah, the most patched weapon in video game history that never gets it right.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some others… ah yes! The amazing lootbox RNG. It’s more of a problem with the Triple AEEEYYYYYY Industry, but hey, Gears 4 decided to jump on it…

@Ninja_Golf2K6 I fully expect Gears 5 PC player experience to match that of Gears 4, where the game becomes unplayable and never gets fixed. Where every patch is a countdown to the game not working.

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Easy answer. Yes.

I’d say it’s a stripped down, monetized version of Gears 3. It’s not a terrible game, but it could have been a lot more.

What really makes me crazy is lag. In an age of 200mb connections (up to 1GB) and X1X consoles, there shouldn’t be this much connection issues.

In my opinion, Gears 4 did have some fewer things and missing features than 3 and Judgment.

  • Lacked four players Co-op Campaign.
  • Lacked Medal progression system.
  • Lacked character skin progression unlocks.
  • Lacked Beast mode or Overrun, the ability to play as the Swarm/DeeBees.
  • Lacked some personal favourite iconic weapons like Scorcher flamethrower, Gorgon, usable Hammer of Dawn in Versus/Horde handheld, One Shot, Mortar Heavy Weapons, Sawed Off Shotgun, Semi Auto Hammy with Iron Sights.

Gears 4 might’ve been a step back in some ways but it mostly moved forwards for most part.

Matchmaking is terrible how is that a step forward.

Are there any… Not trying to be funny… But are there really any note worthy improvements?.. Any at all?

I didn’t say matchmaking wasn’t terrible.