Is gears 5 still populated?

So I know halo, cod, and battlefield just came out. I have been playing halo and it’s incredibly fun. I came back to gears and still love it. There is just no game like gears to me. My wait times for control were 1 minute and I have been finding matches in the afternoon in like 30 seconds s that’s pretty good. My question is, with Halo out do you think gears 5 is still well populated or no? Does anyone know?

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The people who play Gears only play Gears. A new game isn’t gonna get us to leave. Lol we’re stubborn. We’ll go try a new game but we’ll always come back.


Gears players are not COD/Battlefield/Halo/any other game* players. #Gearsislife :+1::wink:

*obviously we “dabble” with other games. but we never leave Gears… EVER :heart:


At some point gows popularity becomes underrated and I think we’re at that point.


Halo Infinite looks fantastic and I’ll be getting it, but Gears of War is where it’s at and forever will be.

After all, Halo doesn’t have a Queen Myrrah now, does it?


Indeed not mate or my favourite sweary Aussie (Anvegad) :+1::facepunch: I will play a bit of BTB but like most of us in here, nothing and I mean nothing in gaming comes close to the buzz one gets when Gears “clicks” no matter the version you are playing or the mode.


Gears definitely took a noticeable hit in population at certain times since Infinite, CoD and BF but I can still get games fairly easy (PvP and PvE).

I like Infinite but I also like Gears so I alternate between the two lol.

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Gears has its loyal core couple of thousand on at all times I’d say, that’ll be the case until a new ones out, then it booms for a bit (quality of game depending)

I’ve been dabbling with BF2042 of late as I’ve always loved Battlefield but still return to gears for my fix.

Never cared for Halo myself either,

Me am too busy playing The Division… :crazy_face:

My 2 favorite series are halo and gears. And since gears 6 prob won’t be out for another 2-3 years I want gears 5 to stay populated. I know it’s gets a bad rep but I love the game.


I’m playing it a lot less ill admit. Been playing Melty and Halo a lot more but Gears is that franchise to me that I’ll always go back to. I ain’t just dropping that sh**. I’m in it for the long haul. At least until Gears 6 drops.

Happy Thanksgiving to the “Loyal’s” and to the greatest game !

Long Live Guardian!!!



Well not yet but im sure if we all hop over to Halo Infinite - Discourse
Im sure we could get some kind of intrest in a halo/gears cross over going🤔

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Is Gears 5 still polluted!?

Oh… You mean populated!? Sorry… My bad!

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What can I say?

You asked for it.


The Australian population has been dead basically the entire lifecycle of this game.
Without a US host, it takes a minimum of 3mins to find a game and could take forever.
There was once a very loyal & hardcore gears scene here which was promptly killed off with this game.


In the short term, within a year from publishing the game, all the GoW were “popular” as an online game.

I’m quite not sure what is the meaning of popularity, but if compared to League of Legends, APEX, Fortnite, Froza 5, GoW 5 was definitely not as popular as previous generation of GoW series (GoW 1~ GoW3).

Every game has its fansbase, so I won’t say it’s a dead game, but talking to the popularity, I would say “OK” or “Quite bad” rather than it’s popular.

At least I still saw tons of pages of horde lobbies.

Another thing to say, if there’s no change in the game no matter which game you’re playing for, you can’t keep the interest for playing that long. Hence, it will decay the popularity.

Yeah, I don’t have any issues finding a game. As others have mentioned. This game has a hardcore fanbase that won’t leave. Sure we may mess around with another game here and there, but gears players generally will play gears as their main game. For this games faults, it’s still extremely fun getting in a group and just shredding everything in sight.


Re your Horde observation, I agree and I’m pretty surprised at the size of the community. I was really only a Horde player when 2 and 3 released, even include Survival in that, so understand the loyalty, but it almost seems as though it is more popular than standard multiplayer.

I’m now probably 80/20 pvp/pve. I still enjoy Horde and 2:0 will always along with Gears3 be “my” game.