Is gears 5 really so bad? Or is it just the glitches and server problems that bug you?

Just seeing the amount of hate on this forum shocks me tbh. People are mad, I get that, connection in MP sucks, constant DCs from all modes, that dumb glitch that makes everyone play as kait in horde and the infinite checkpoints in campaign.

Putting all glitches and bugs etc aside, what do you guys really think of gears 5 from an unbiased viewpoint?


I think it’s a solid game, but on the Versus side it lacks content idk why there’s not many characters, weapon skins, etc. Re-Up was over looked as well not rewarding. I don’t understand how they mess up on those fronts smh


Love the ironic title op ‘that bug you’ this is making the game unpredictable and I’ve lost progress across the modes. Campaign is a obvious one and also horde. My multiplayer experience has been okay I guess but I know others are having issues already stated.

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Tbh, I actually like the fact that we have a small starting pool of characters and skins because it means that the earnable content has much more value to it, gives you a reason to grind. Gears 4 on the other hand had a bunch of stuff that you could just craft right off the batt. It makes skins feel more rewarding imo.


Gameplay itself isn’t as good as I thought or expected it to be.


Well for starters escape and campaign are good. Horde is okay. Somethings need changing like characters being locked to classes. The perk and hero system is meh. I find the perk system takes away from the building aspect because everyone is hording(heh) points for their perks. It’s already hard enough to maintain a base on a lower difficulty imagine on harder difficulties. For more on horde I will direct you to this guy’s post that I mostly agree about ( Gear 5 Horde thoughts and discussion ) now the multiplayer from a sweaty player perspective in my opinion is kinda ruined. The competitive community has been sold out. Movement is slowed so the tactics a sweat player would use become more…situational(if that’s even the right word I should use). now that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing IF all the guns weren’t so OP. Now because the weapons are so OP the game has become mostly camping. Most matches I’ve played have been 80% camping because every time you try to make a move you instantly get lancered down. I think if they nerf at least the Lancer it could be a lot better(but other things need to be nerfed as well). The gnasher is basically gears 4 core gnasher. In the tech test the gnasher was great, it really was a middle ground of core and comp. Idk why they changed it. It really does feel like they have catered to the casual audience more than ever. P.S. microtransactions are overpriced. $7 for a country flag? Something that was FREE in the previous game?! C’moooooon.


For me, it’s all the bugs. So far, I’m enjoying it, but we are frustrated that we can’t get far without the entire game crashing, and then starting back 3 or 4 checkpoints back.

Is this really a bad thing? I don’t think it is. Unless you’re one of the people who isn’t bothered by the no duplicates restriction.

I don’t care about the bugs. Bugs are just part of the deal when big games launch. What I care about is that the game, on the versus side, is bad. Woefully bad.

A quick list of some of the problems. Not in any order.

  1. The crimson omen damage indicator is awful. In fact it’s so badly designed that it should worry players that there’s someone with so little common sense and so bad at their job working at TC.

  2. The maps are WAY too big and in general have too many bad fight zones and choke points. This leads to boring matches where the teams are so scattered that you can run around for 30 seconds without ever running into someone. The highly defensible chokepoints on maps like Exhibit lead to boring stalemates.

  3. All of the weapons are too strong. This makes combat boring. Kills and deaths don’t feel earned but instead like flipping a coin.

  4. There’s only like 6 new maps and the rest are from Gears 4. The only one I can say is solid is District. The others are either downright bad or so big that it makes them bad.

  5. You can shoot through walls and completely around cover while against a wall.

  6. Character models used to give you hints about where players were looking or what they might be about to do. That has been removed.

  7. The spawns are some of the worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve played Gears of War 4. Your team can literally wipe out the entire enemy team and watch as they all respawn in front of you with invincibility.

  8. Sound design. It’s difficult to hear enemies or power weapons.

  9. The Tour of Duty system is broken. As it is now even committed players will have a difficult time reaching max rank due to luck involving daily challenges. Why does this system even exist? What was wrong with the Reup system that was in the last 3 or 4 games?

  10. Active reloads were changed for no reason and I’m almost certain they aren’t working correctly.

  11. The new and old power weapons are broken.

  12. Aim shooting is incredibly slow and choppy even at max settings.

  13. Whenever someone leaves a ranked lobby the game closes that lobby and opens a new one. This may not seem like a problem now but when the population drops and you have to wait in lobbies for 2-3 minutes but then someone leaves… it’s going to get annoying pretty quick.

  14. Also, this cant be confirmed, but I’m pretty sure they changed the default FOV on Xbox. It could be something else, maybe a side effect of the larger maps, but players seem to slip out of my peripheral vision far more often than in past games. This one might just be paranoia.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I haven’t tried Horde or Escape yet and I’m still working my way through the campaign,which is good so far.


The problem is that the bugs interfere with your game, and waste your time and TC does zero to address, confirm not even apologize for it, instead, they focus on MP related issues mainly which they did not solve as well. Basically, they wanted to please the shareholders and not the consumers, and their complete disregard to motivate us that they are actually really fixing this for real is the worst of it all.
A complete incompetent and unprofessional crap-show.

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Honestly, this release feels like a Beta… And for a Beta it is awesome! There are problems, for sure, but it gives a great hint as to what the game will be like when it’s fully released… :slight_smile:

As a production release, this is embarrassing…

We, here in the forums, are some of the most hardcore and dedicated players of the franchise and we feel that the versus multiplayer is catered too much towards the casual players.

Rod Fergusson had said that they would gain our trust with Gears 4, meaning that it would be more of the same old stuff, and that they would betray us with Gears 5 to change things up and keep the game fresh.

The result has been a casualized game that has stripped us veterans of the dynamics that we loved in the franchise. The game within the game got taken out.

Earlier today, I received a reply to one of my posts in which a guy said that he worked hard to improve in Gears of War and now he feels that all of that work got thrown away because now everyone can be good at the game.

They betrayed us too much and essentially made a Gears Judgment 2.0.

They sold us out.

No, we are not cry babies either. We just care about the game that much and we are depressed that we can’t love what we love.

Oh, and that is not even getting into the bugs, lack of content, disappointing ToD system and more. I’m strictly talking about the versus mp.

Let’s pour one out for our game.


Its quiet buggy on my end (PC). Finally got a cross play coop going amd played for a good 30 min. When it worked, it was fantastic. Sadly, I spent more time trying to reconnect and join games that it hasn’t warranted my time to continue playing.

Annoying glitches and crashes aside campaign for me has a lot of varied enemies so you never know what you’re going to get next which is a big plus, one of the better campaigns in Gears.

not tried vs or horde yet

If you are a fan of the gears of war Epic made then you should rightly not only hate this game but be appalled by what direction TC and Microsoft has taken it .

It is no longer a game with its own unique identity but is now a game just as generic and boring and bland as any other shooter out there,it has been so radically changed its bordering on a hostile takeover and to say its been dumbed down its an understatement of EPIC proportions,it is no longer a game of skill and tactical nous but a dreary venture into mindless lancer battles from range where you can not really use skill with bouncing or gnasher fight clutching,it has weapons that are down right pathetic (that big axe smashing thing),with every new TC release there are huge changes to unbroken things,change just for the sake of change but not changing the things that were bad or broken (look at the drop shot now,why change it).

Everything that is wrong in the game industry and development studios that work within it is in abundant view in this game,no skill in the work no pride in the work and no idea what the fans want (remember this game only blew up because of people like me who first supported it and we are in the millions) .

I have already got my refund and i can still play it under games pass if wanted but i have uninstalled as its not a glitch that is stopping me playing it or the servers but its the game,its just a mess and not the gears i know.

I have also got rid of gears 4 as since gears 5 launched that too is unplayable to me as i am paired with USA and mexico while in the UK and given a ping range of 90 to 120 while in Europe i am at worst 25 and at best 2ms and im sure this issue is to do with there servers and lack of quality ones ,
I am boycotting TC gears and I also have no reason to use a Xbox (online with new games) any more as gears was my only online game i played due to its appeal to me since Gears first launched and i first played MP and was addicted to it,i tried other games but they do not touch the competitive nature,unique fight system and kudos of gears MP fights.


Releasing a game with this many bugs is not acceptable. Any quality control team would have encountered most of these glitches like checkpoint errors or collectibles not saving correctly just by plaything thru the campaign once.

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Game is trash. Even more watered down than gears 4. This game shouldn’t be spoon feeding new players. They should learn the mechanics and get better like most us did. I’m just glad I didn’t buy this pos.

Biggest issues are the microtransactions (which TC said GOW5 wasn’t going to have), locking characters to horde/escape only and locking specific class setups for characters on horde when TC stated they would remove the class based systems in horde.

Its a good game. its just another AAA “game” that had a beta test and still ruined everything server wise on release day bassicly ignoring everything said during the beta.

Your expecting games of today to actually test them? This isn’t the early 2000s where that actually happened.