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Is Gears 5 planning to do anything different with quitters?

A single player quitting (let alone 2 or more) makes the game unbalanced and practically unwinable in all ranked modes (namely KOTH & Escalation).

They didn’t address it in 4 and I wont hold my breath them addressing it in 5 but something must be done…

C’mon Coaltion, think of something…

The best idea I can think of is ban quitters from rank play and demote them to social playlists only for a set time period. And make it so the timer starts when they actually try and play a game not so they can just quit out, take a sh*t and come back and the time ban has elapsed.


At least during the BETA giving 5 d/cs per day to the players reseting at 12 am est.

Everyone should have an emergency and leave a match but if you need leave more than 5 matches in less than 24 hours you are a quitter


Thats way to high of a number…allow for one…after the second ban for half a day and after the third pan for 48 hours. If you have a crap connection that constantly drops you from games sorry about your luck…If you have that problem I dont want you playing to being with cause I am trying to grind to be a better player and cant move forward with people constantly quitting or lagging out. If you know your connection is a problem go play social. Hopefully they take a more aggressive stance in 5.

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I was thinking 3 quits (or “quits”) every 30 days… it gives players a bit of an allowance. The option to rejoin matches doesn’t always work (and this goes for both GOW5 and GOW4).

If players have managed to get to the stage of being banned, then managing to make it through 30 days without quitting will eset this counter back to 3.

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I like the idea of being banned to social . But they should be banned to social for a set amount of matches before they can go back into ranked. So let’s say you quit 5 times over the course of a month. You can’t get back into ranked until you’ve completed a set amount of social matches (lets say 3 matches).

Or alternatively if a player quits out of too many ranked games, their rank drops an entire tier. (i.e. You were onyx 3 but since you quit too much you are now gold 3).

It should be a recorded stat. So, how many Kills the player has, how many games they’ve played etc. And also how many games they have Quit out of early. That way other players could see their quit percentage and if a player quits a game, it should demote their standing rank for going AWOL!


Not a bad idea. Similar to how an xbox account that’s been reported a lot has the “avoid me” tag under the name.

They’re going to be nerfed severely. I’ll have to come up with a new gamertag since it’s only Gears now, I’m pissed.

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They should just add join in progress to all the modes. (minus escalation?)
Seriously. I don’t know what the big deal is. I don’t play a whole lot of other shooters but gears matchmaking has always stunk. If you play cod and people quit (just an example) the game doesn’t continue with lopsided teams for long and players join. Ryan Cleven on Twitter seems to say it’ll be like gears 4, and seems to sympathize more with the players joining in progress than the players in the game getting clobbered because their player quit at the start of the game. TC needs to make some proper matchmaking. Join in progress is a no brainer. Not everything needs to be so hardcore and competitive to the point where players quit and the rest of the team is outnumbered for the rest of the game. This is one of the more frustrating issues and the reason all i played in gears 4 was competitive warmup. Sadly i don’t think there will be a competitive warmup in gears 5.



Social offers players that “Jump in” option, with map cycling and bots, where you can mess around and play for fun, with gimmicky gamemodes like Arcade.

Ranked/Competitive is for when people want to play seriously against other people, to see who’s the better players and earn Ranks. This means players that choose this option by choice are locked into the match and are expected to stay for the full game, win or lose. Unfortunately, people still quit and the majority of the time it’s because they’re losing.

In all honesty though, i feel the biggest issue with players quitting is due to the terrible/unfair matchmaking. So often in games i find myself having maybe another 1 or 2 good teammates, while the other 2 are just terrible and it’s often the same for the enemy team. It’s like the system matches player for player e.g ‘One diamond player for the COG and one for the Swarm… Oh and here’s a Bronze for the cog and a Bronze for the swarm…’. I know partying up can mess up the matchmaking. But this is obviously a terrible way to match players, a bronze ranked player should never be in a game with a diamond and vice versa.

If Gears 5 continues with the current Gears 4 matchmaking. Then I’m sure quitting will be more prevalent than ever, despite whatever anti-quitting systems they implement.

I’m fine with most ban systems, HOWEVER, there should be a surrender/forfeit option. Either that, or perhaps in addition to, or there should be zero penalty if someone quits before you. Rocket League does this. But quitters absolutely ruin games, especially if you play objective games like I do. Playing a KoTH or Escalation match down 4v5 is excruciating and as an older player with children and a busy career, I don’t have time to waste in matches like that. If I feel like I’m playing a game where I frequently get stuck in matches like this, I just uninstall the game and I don’t want to uninstall gears.


I’ve absolutely felt this way about matchmaking in gow4 lately. I’m currently ranked gold (but have been as high as plat 3) so I’m not one do you young whippersnappers who crush everybody nor am I farm fodder. I’m definitely better than gold though but whatever. ANYWAY…lately it really does feel like each game has exactly what you described, teams of equal-but-inconsistent skill rather than ten players of equal-and-consistent skill. I think that may just be part of where we are in GoW 4’s life cycle but still it makes for some lousy matches. Feels like teams are winning because the other team is worse, not because their own team is better…if that makes sense.

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I understand what you’re saying.

And yeah, Gears 4 is nearing the end of it’s life cycle so there is a smaller pool of players to be matched against. TC definitely won’t be making any changes to Gears 4, but hopefully this will have changed in Gears 5.

Some ideas for our quitting problem:

Have a quit percentage in the ally menu and reward players with skins and banners for a low enough quit percentage.

Give quitters some type of dunce cap - disable their ability to pick their character and skins, making them only being able to play with default skins if they are repeat quitters. Only match them up vs other quitters.

As stated on here, it is a bit harsh but it could work - Have the quit penalty timer only count down if they are actively searching, meaning that they can’t just quit to another app or game. No matter what, even if they wait a week, it will not go away until they are actively searching and paying their toll.

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Exactly, not everything has to be so hardcore and competitive. People are going to quit and there is no way people should be that hardheaded and stubborn about joining in progress and maybe even bot backfilling. We are talking about the fundamental experience of playing a game vs worries about how it would affect ranks, stats, etc.

The people that are against such solutions mostly play with a full stacked team, so why should they worry about joining in late or having a bot on their team? This is for people who don’t always play on a full team or simply want to play alone here and there.

There could be a preference option to joining late like other games have for the quality vs speed of matchmaking. In some games you can select a preference of ranking, connection, or balanced matchmaking. Double xp if you join in late and you can’t be negatively impacted if you join late and lose. As for the effects on ranks/stats, those things are already recalculated when someone quits so why can’t the same apply for a late joiner?

Overall, It has made the game into a fear fest. People literally refuse to play even with a 4-man because of the risk of matching a 5 man and getting stuck with that one random/quitter. To play alone or with a friend, you are basically forced to play on a smurf/secondary account.

This either play with a full team at all times or play at your own risk is ridiculous. It is not healthy for a game and its community.

Even though people can get unfairly blamed in those situations so it was a double edged sword.

Actually it’s not because they’re always losing its many other reasons as well such as not getting the map they wanted during the vote screen, getting terrible teammates that they played with before and recognized them which makes them wanna leave or recognized a dangerous player on the opposing team that they don’t want to deal with or sometimes lagging out.

Those are just bull**** reasons though, don’t you agree?

If you as a player choose to play a Ranked match, you are expected to play that entire game regardless of the map selection, how terrible your teammates are or how good a player on the enemy team is. If you can’t deal with that those players should be playing social, not Ranked.

It’s such a terrible mindset a lot of players have and it comes from not wanting to lose, which is more often only the case because of terrible matchmaking, like i said.
Futhermore, it’s also made worse by tying player Ranking and skill level to teamwork/winning, which on the surface level makes sense, but your individual play/skill should matter more. For instance, you could be an incredible player that only plays solo, so very seldom win due to matchmaking with terrible teammates and therefore aren’t in the rank you should be.

This is why I don’t think it matters what anti-quitting thing is implemented, as people will continue to quit regardless, until the root causes of player quitting is looked at.

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I think that as silly as it might sound, things like giving away character and weapon skins for a low quit percentage would do the trick. Forcing repeated quitters to only play default skins would also help. Of course, a better online/matchmaking experience overall is the best way to make people stay. I just favor lighter/sillier penalties than can’t be avoided instead of serious ones that can be avoided easily like a 30 minute suspension aka a lunch break.

All those strict rules might work but how far will they go? You are right, the root of the problem is not being addressed and until it is then people will continue to quit.

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Keep in mind that there likely will be only one koth playlist, which is considered ranked. So if someone wants to play koth, they have no choice but to play one playlist where people tend to quit (esp if you are a solo player) and the rest of the game is trash with lopsided teams. A waste of time.