Is gears 5 more popular the UE right now?

I’m just curious if anyone really knows, is gears 5 more dead then Ultimate Edition? I wanna play the more popular one atm

Gears 5 is more popular than UE at the moment. Takes forever to find even a TDM game on UE.

What about gears 4 and 5?

It’s still somewhat easy to find KOTH and TDM games on 4 though the ping is wonky thanks to the reduced population.

Gears 5 is, unfortunately, much more active than UE despite the latter being far superior.



Living on the edge, I see.

And OP’s question might have been answered but for most, if not all, games, it’s generally par for the course that the newer releases are more popular than the older ones, regardless of their quality(or lack thereof). With a few exceptions but sadly most will still play(and pay for) a newer release even if it comes out in a terrible state.

Can’t say whether I’d abstain from the next Gears if it has a horrible launch as well, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind. The Gears 5 launch experience was just awful.

Honestly at this point I just like ruining Kazuya’s morning. If you see this I’m just kidding, I would never do that.

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I played yesterday evening and it was a 2 minutes tdm search and I got matches in Brazil… (SE US) so remains to be seen….

Which to me me is ehh. 1 minute is normal. 2 minutes is sure if I’m wanting to play gears. 5 mins? Ya I’m playing something else. Execution is dead :broken_heart:

I can’t find multiplayer matches on PC anymore, what’s the best search function?


Fair enough. This a forum where we have healthy debates and you are fully entitled to your own, individual opinion.

Even if it’s wrong. Very, very wrong.

You’re one of many. It’s also admittedly becoming increasingly easier as I get older and somehow more susceptible to bait. Maybe I just like complaining.

Darn kids, get off my lawn!

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