Is Gears 4 dead?

Is this game dead how is community ?

Of course it’s dead. Everyone is playing the newer, superior game.


Mark you have to be from OZ to say that… that’s not true !!!

Half of us are playing Gears 4 and you know it !!

Its newer yes… I grant you that man.

You’re killing me man… please tell me your are joking now.

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I love you man but you seem to miss so many obvious jokes sometimes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

My good friend happy new year @Saber_Skywalker

Yeah I know lol i really miss a lot of jokes… I love you too man :slight_smile: LOL

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Happy New year to you too my man!

Party hard!! :grin:

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Ya, GOW4 was a pretty obvious joke.

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It’s still kicking in Mexico (in the top 10 most played) so people in NA are getting matches. I thought it would be completely dead after #5 but people generally regard 4 as the better game so it still has players.

It isn’t dead, I play it every other day in public horde I think it is fine still. I’m going to play it right now actually :smile:

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Gears 5 is dead!

well, if it was anyone other than @Mark36111 / Link I would have taken that as a joke, but given who said that I’m kinda sure it was meant literally, not as a sarcastic joke :slight_smile:

It made me think of a quote from a cute 90s movie Down Periscope:

“Watch yourself, Dodge, you are addressing a SUPERIOR officer!”

“No, merely a higher ranked one!”

Lol I get where your coming from but still fairly obvious sarcasm to me

I’m as dead serious as the Cog Gear Corpse.