Is Gears 4 better then Gears 5

agreed with OP

Played 30mins of the Operation 2 up date and wanted to self harm!
Gears 5 frustrating, annoying and boring (really sorry TC I wanted to love this Game but I just don’t) movement is slow weapon tune is out and I can’t get on with the dynamics. I know this is all my personal opinion and others may not share it.

To give an example.
I ‘up A’ an enemy while they were walking backwards towards me while they were lancering. My opponent turned around, casually pulled their Gnasher, hip fired and gib me before I could get my second shot out.
9% in 1 hit vs a 1bang!!!

The Pings on Gears 4 and all over the place used to have ping around 15’s - 30’s till last week now pushing 90’s - 120’s.
The Lobby’s have trolls in them getting messages on a daily from people saying “your S4!t” from players
under re-up 3 :man_facepalming: while banging back to back MVP’s.

It is all very very sad.

Rant over sorry guys


The trolls are the revisionists who are now pretending that GOW4 was some kind of masterpiece. The transition from UE to GOW4 was like having a prime rib dinner replaced with undercooked fish sticks in the middle of the meal.


Sounds like you missed your up-A. Why even attempt a risky shot in a scenario in which your opponent isn’t facing you? You probably also missed at least one other shot if the enemy had the time to switch weapons and body you. I can complete both my federal and state income tax returns in the amount of time it takes to switch weapons in Gears 5.

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Yeah I did miss my ‘up A’ it went in the gap between their body and arm I assume.

As I went to squeeze off my second shot they span round and got the one bang. Honestly I didn’t have time for a second shot. This is the frustration part I mentioned earlier.

The reason I went for a “up A” because it was a game of Guardian I was the Swarm speaker and opponent in question was Jin laying down cover fire for the team mates in front of her.
I wanted to run hit the corner of cover “up A” her in the back and push her team from behind :wink: while my team were fighting them face on.

It went wrong.

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Don’t get down on yourself. You were only 91% unsuccessful.



You’ve just described the community after every Gears release starting with 2.



Sticking with this discussion gears 4 campaign solid, gears 5 feels like it ended too fast. Gears 4 versus felt solid even though itd take forever to find a match, gears 5 I like the addition any gun can get a head shot now but resetting tour of duty and everything is dumb just update it dont clear out everything. Biggest problem I have with 5 why change the lancer chainsaw and other weapon melee to the same button as reload?! That’s hosed me over so much, and shotgun OP AF!

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Now as of right now gears 4 is better. But that is only because that is a game that was refined over 3 years of updates. Gears 5 has been around only 3 months. So the subject of whether gears 4 is better than 5 is irrelevant, mostly because 4 actually was being supported for 3 years. The difference in how long these games have been supported makes this a question that can not be answered in 3 months because at this point it is unfair to attempt to compare because the answer would be 4.

I hope you can see the argument in this and the logic behind it. All gears 5 needs is time. That is what 4 got. So it only seems fair that we give 5 the time it is to become the game we want it to be.

I always used to talk in favor of the chainsaw remap, but I got into a battle with a guy last night and thought it was weird to have to mash B when It’s not even that button anymore. Then I thought it would be even more weird to tap RB so I don’t even know what I like anymore lol



Thats why the movement speed was slowed and the slide travel was shortend.

the art style is an opinion.

The monetization hides 99% of the content behind a drip feed paywall and at that is much more expensive than gears of war 4. Not to mention this is a AAA game not a f2p

“rankings reflect actual skill” i had D5 in all modes in gears 4 and i played gears 5 for the most part solo, as the ranking system is intended for. I got stuck in gold 3 at highest and could not leave no Matter how many mvp’s i got. Now im sure if i sat there and played 24/7 id have got it because the ranking system rewards those who play in teams and lancer as it always did. But nobody has time for a system that punishes you for doing well.

“Outstanding campaign” ■■■■■■■■ it was better than 4 but lack luster and rushing to fill all the plot holes gears 4 left behind.

“More responsive gunplay” so the guns deal more damage than they should. Imo as a person who actually participated in the pro/gb scene thats bull, gears UE had responsive gunplay, gears two before tu6 had responsive gunplay. Gears 3/4core/5/J pandered to the many and made the game so anyone could play thats why you like it.

A skill based gnasher would be the gears UE/Gears 2 launch gnasher/gears 4 mid season 2 comp. Short range and completely reliant on your movement and holding your shot. Gears 5 allows you to just LT the day away.

The lancer is overpowering, the recoil is nice but its not gears of war. Gow1 had the best lancer

Maps = lancer happy balls of trash

Yes you need to convince me, compared to 4 gears 5 improved on nothing especially not that abhorred melee system. I hope youre trolling


Or simply taking the piss🙄

I also agree with this because I had to gamble on getting cards in horde I literally spent days on end trying to get last stand on heavy while I kept getting garbage fabricator carrying speed. Gears 5 is such an improvement that I don’t get a one card every 10 waves that’s just another dip of something I have maxed of

That’s funny I have last stand still left at like level 2, I never use it or berzerker. Thick skin or pistol expert for me

It just doesn’t feel like gears at all

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Still batting 1.000.

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Same hypocrites that said Gears 2 and 3 was trash.