Is Gears 4 better then Gears 5

I stick with Gears 4!!



Can you help me I can’t seem to play versus as it says rankings isn’t high enough or something like that. Ive just got it new

GOW4 is terrible, but at least TC managed to learn from their mistakes and make improvements for Gears 5.


Sorry trying to understand the title I will return when I can make sense of it.

Anyway GOW 4 is alright I mean it managed to fix pretty fast and get nice movement etc and the free items via credits except esports was cool but I mean TC is trying to improve 5.

Right now… speaking strictly on horde yes GOW 4 its best.

  1. the firing mechanics of the lancer its better in 4 than in 5
  2. the skill cards implemented on 4 are better than 5 without a doubt man.
  3. no ammo scarcity whatsoever in 4

In Gears 5 I like that Jack its playable, the LANCER GL its awesome and the graphics look cool (other than that I haven’t find any amazing feature that I could say its better than 4 ) .


Disagree heavily here.

In Gears 5 you get a skill card every 5 waves. You can earn cards through gameplay for the class you want.

You are guaranteed to have all the cards if you level up the characters. In Gears 4 I played 14 days of Horde and spent a lot of credits on packs, and didn’t get a single Speed Loader card.

The card was useless for the Scout, I know, but that isn’t the point. I had opened countless Horde booster packs, Operations packs, the Horde Expert packs from the SP, and the RotH pack.

In skill cards, Gears 5 did better, imo.

I agree with the rest of your points and your overall view, however.

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Good man.

Anytime I see people say that 4 is terrible (speaking for versus) and 5 is great, I can’t help but think that they are new (ish) to the Gears Of War franchise.


Gears peaked at 3, Judgment was better than 4 and 5.



for as much crap i gave GOW 4 its a lot more enjoyable to play than 5. #makegearsgreatagain


Yeah by the time gears 4 came to a end it was on par with the og 3 games. 5 is a complete and utter step down in every single possible way imaginable


That must be a sarcastic comment


You can see them running around with the mace, I’m back on g4 I will have a look at op2 but it’s not about the content for me it’s the mechanics and gnasher are totally broken, along with maps tailored for Lancers is just a skill less dumbed down game that is too frustrating to play



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What exactly has Gears 5 improved on? because from what I can see TC has given us an extremely lackluster game that has done very little to improve on anything Gears 4 did, instead releasing a game that has done irreversible damage to the franchise and it’s fans trust - along with ruining new players perception of Gears…


Smoother movement
Improved art style
Less obtrusive monetization
Rankings finally reflect actual skill
Outstanding campaign (haven’t played it, but I hear good things)
More responsive gunplay and interface
Skill-based gnasher
Lancer is actually useful
Better maps

… There’s a lot more if you aren’t convinced yet.

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Remember NOT to feed the troll…


Oh Mark.