Is Gears 4 active?

After playing Gears 5 for some time im done with it, i love it and all but there’s something weird that keep me just not liking it like before, so i wanna give it a shoot to Gears 4, just played the campaing and i barely touched the multiplayer mode…

Sooo yeah, is Gears 4 multiplayer active or any modes in general that it’s regularly played?? Tyvm in advance!

Yes it is active, mainly TDM and KOTH. :+1: Gears 3 is also active if you fancy playing the Gears GOAT :wink::facepunch:


Jep, start Quickmatch

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Yes Gears 4 is very much alive.
I played a few matches on TDM and Koth a few days ago. Hardly any wait times.

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As others have already mentioned, yes Gears 4 is still active but mainly if you play TDM or KOTH. Other gamemodes are kind of a coin toss on wether or not you’ll find a match

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Alr alr i see, tyvm to all of you! Yes i tried TDM and KOTH and hell, they are lively! Most cool stuff is that man the weapons feels lethal! I think i’ll be hopping to Gears 4, ty all for the answers!!

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