Is EVERYONE onyx now?

Probably … Seems i cant progress pass diamomd that long cause of bad teammates… Average onyx player is garbo… Half the time im sayin how tf is this guy onyx… You lose 1 rd teammates give up… Against the easiest teams on top of all of that

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If anything I earned my placement. Sure I had awful games where I just couldn’t get it together and lost as a result but there were games were I did my best and it showed. I am not a great VS player but ill never expect to be carried and will always do what I can to help the team rather than sit back and be carried to the next rank.

Having said this system has allowed players I have seen first hand who look like they never touched Gears to rank up which is a bit disheartening to be honest.

Yeah…I get to diamond and ■■■■ hits the fan. I’ve played against great masters and really bad masters.

Same its not fun … They need to make the cost to get into silver an gold higher 800 and 1200… Some reason matchmaking thinks a diamond should be on the same team as bronze silvers and gold

I can see that

Its because of this: 1500 GP for winning a game..?

I used to be diamond and master and now I just sit around in silver 3.

If onyx is the new gold then silver 3 is just my own pit of despair.


Same’ish… I used to hit Master / D3… If I didn’t put my best in a losing game I knew the penalty would be severe in Masters. So I put my best in every game, win or lose.
Now, O2 furever! Will never be a D1, don’t even care anymore.

What this new ranking system did is pathetic for the regular gamer… I used to play with buddies that started competitive gaming with gow. And I’d a ton of fun - sure we’d lose a lot some nights… I’d yell - smoke - and suddenly two of my buddies will have their heads in a cloud of smoke. They knew they have to smoke without aiming, they just hit the cover every single time.

Now… they know the penalty for losing once past silver is atrocious - my own skills can’t compensate for a score capped at 1050.

Even though ranks don’t mean much in real life, we’ve stopped playing ranked together.

TC took the feedback of all the complainers here and said - here you go - it’s clear how you rank up. But now you don’t want to play with friends with a huge skill gap. You will think you are carrying them too much or they feel bad for dragging you down too much…

I don’t mind the 1500GP the winning team gets - The cap is ■■■■■■■ stupid. The cap is ■■■■■■■ artificial. What the ■■■■ is 60 kills in a game of KOTH. Do they even know 8 out of 10 people would have crossed 60 in a highly competitive game. Does the losing team really deserve negative gp. Whoever thinks, this game is rewarding participation - has the concept totally inverted. It punishes everyone that is not a team of 5 coordinated lancers firing. And no, no amount of lancer tweaking will fix this.

Get rid of the Ranked mode, Punish quitters, Consolidate the player base around modes people want to play. Find interesting ways to rewards players for playing, better rewards for playing better and great rewards for winning.

TC would have done so much better had they focused their core on matchmaking and skill tracking in the backend. Match players within a reasonable ping and skill band and everyone will stop complaining about lancer tuning and ■■■■… Then everyone will be playing the same game… It’s ■■■■■■■ insane the way the gun works changes based on mode… Who has time for this ■■■■ anymore? What serious gamer or casual gamer is going to figure out 5 different levels of magnetism. Guide really new players to playing AI. And mix the rest.


Interesting thoughts.

I play very little anymore. I hop on once or twice every few weeks for a few matches, so I’m sure this contributes to my status in silver. That being said, while I don’t understand the new ranking system that well, just from the feel of my placement speed I’d probably locked up in Onyx as you’ve all mentioned here.

Not sure what it is about Gears 5 but it just doesn’t draw my attention as much the way Gears 4 did. I don’t have as much fun playing solo KOTH as I did in Gears 4. I could hop on for a few hours and run some games, a lot of times it was a devastatingly bad match as random queue tends to go, but I could still snatch MVP and maintain rank until finally getting a win and boosting forward.


Could have been me typing there mate. :+1:

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I started playing Versus on Gears 5 around Xmas of last year up until recently . Through the different ranking systems and updates and so forth . It just hit me one night after a few hours of matches that I’m just totally tired of this game. Lack of maps and playing the same maps 3 out of 4 matches, the sponging and net code issues have taken their toll. Ranking up (currently Onyx 2) lost all of its motivation. This game feels dead as a doornail and I’m guessing a good chunk of the community has left as well.


This was a competitive game. I’m not the MVP, don’t really care… But… I got less points out of it than I’d have in any ranked system before the current one.

Had I paused and tried to score the extra break and paid attention to rank points, our team could have lost…

yup… waiting for a different game myself… i gave up The Division for this ■■■■… and didn’t jump into TD2, that probably was a mistake.

Doesnt matter once you hit diamond you get faced against masters an diamond 3s an youre team has a bronze somehow an two diamond 1s… One more thing you are crying about mvp when youre facin all golds an mvp isnt even the main issue with this game rn an doesnt award you anything special.

Again i dont even think it goes by your rank -2 because ive hit almost diamond 3 this season an i get bronze silver gold an onyx faced against masters an diamonds… Its always one sided even some times ill be on the team that is unfair for the other team

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it’s literally a consequence of the new ranking system, easy to spot if you look at the numbers

with the old system, if a masters carried and you performed ‘poorly’ you wouldn’t rank up
then people started crying because they would still lose points on a match win that most of the time was the result of someone else carrying

now 1500 gp for a win can cover entry costs up to onyx, you could freeload up until there by doing nothing except using your time’s value


OH yeah i’m bronze rank it’s very very accurate. The guy at the bottom of the scoreboard is Masters. Very nice ranking system I LOVE IT! It is very accurate and fair in terms of showing players skill and how they should be in their according ranks based on SKILL!

This. I honestly felt we had a well enough working ranking system in 4. Can’t say for 5 cuz I only played ranked post op 4 with the new system, In 4, I found I would settle around my appropriate rank which was usually onyx 1. More often than not, onyx 2 would play better than me and more so as the rank ascended, and conversely so in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately people complained non-stop about the ranking system and admittedly it was hard to understand (although watching a number of the dev streams at the time helped me understand it), And now we have a reversed engineered system that is completely transparent but I don’t think accurately captures skill. Hopefully they can continue to hone it to get it better but I’m not sure if working from, imo, a faulty premise will ever produce an accurate enough rank system.

I’d agree. You are 100% a bronze player

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I Laughed so hard lmaoo.

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Onyx 3 to diamond 1 usually.
Where I go up against trash masters who shouldn’t deserve it because they lag all over the place. Yes I’m still a tad salty from a game last night