Is everyone at TC deaf?

At this point I’m legitimately concerned for everyones wellbeing over at TC. Tuesdays update was supposed to fix the broken audio for certain enemies in both Horde and Escape - which partially worked I guess. I occassionally can hear the Wakaatu vomit onto me, but that’s about it. Sires are still muted, Matriarch is sneaking around like a feather despite her weight. Most likely a few others I just don’t notice as much.

Oh, and Hoffcus still isn’t playing the correct voicelines. You’d think third time’s the charm, right? It isn’t. Same probably applies to Prescott; don’t own him and have no intention of unlocking him.


You could probably post this under

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It’s already posted there. This thread is half-report and the other half is there to laugh at TCs inability of fixing things - which, at this point is honestly not funny anymore.


I noticed this today as well in some other Horde matches, mostly with the Wakaatu deciding to be a ninja on Tomb(and I totally forgot or did not think it could spawn on that map). My exact thoughts : “So much for silent enemies being fixed.”


Fix for One way, but they don’t test the Another way that would occur the Bugs.

Example:3 Ways that can occur the Bugs.

To TC, :heavy_check_mark: :x: :x: = Fixed

Actually it counts as a Fix, but not perfectly fix, so it’s a Doublespeak.

The reason they do that may probably because of the lack of Time, so if the Issue has 2 or more ways to occur the Bug, they just Fix one, and call it as a "Fix"

When you look over the Bug of waiting time on Saferoom in Escape, it took a Year for them to Fix it.

"Truth is always going be Hurt"

Not to mention that the chainsaw-reload bug took TC 11 months to fix.

But TC can still reap lots of compliments from Campaign-only players, especially after Hivebusters came out, because those players care about nothing but the graphics.
After all, Ignorance is Strength


We’ll have many Games that are Graphically beautiful, but a Trash in System, Movement etc.

We’re “Proud of” making those Beautiful Graphics, but we don’t improve the System anymore…

People don’t care about their Game Experience. I mean it’s a Rubbish, but people still buy it to play for What???

Many Gears 5 Campaign-only players don’t even have the game. You know, they simply pay around 10 dollars for 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

After those players finish their FIRST playthrough on Recruit or Intermediate difficulty(completely ignorant of TC’s problems and the bugs plaguing dedicated players)…
…they begin to flatter TC,

For example, posting the picture of THIS tree:


Damn, I see Gears 6 becoming another flop :confused:


Can we just not buy or play Gears 6 then? I know a lot of fanbases are like this but if TC is this terrible why touch their next game?


Is everyone at MS deaf? Hmmm… Yes! :roll_eyes:

Who needs to listen, when you already have the money?


loyalty to the series

My theory is this: they simply dont know the code.

It was outsourced to a bunch of independent contracotors (which was discussed in another thread , long ago) and they are just stuck with it. It is complicated, convoluted, with any hidden dependencies and assumptions, and they simply dont know what is wrong or why.

They try, but every time they try they end up breaking something else…and it goes on, and on, and on…

So this is the answer re why they cant just fix things.

Re the other thing: saying it is fixed when it isnt: they have done this from the start. They announced new features or bug fixes when it was painfully obvious those werent working…

For example, Demo marks lasting twice as long, remember? They actually said it was a few feature, to help make up for loss of explosive capacity: but it didnt work. For months… Obviously they KNEW it wasnt working but they still announced it, as a new thing in the game…

It is almost Trump-like: it’s true because i say so , and all evidence to the contrary, well, dont worry about that, just focus on my words…


The state of the community is such that, we cannot take their so called “updates” at face value.

Whatever they declared as fixed, the responsibility is always upon us the verify the validity of the update.
Very sad that we have to do additional testing to see if the update fixes bugs or not, and cannot enjoy the update as it is.

Which other community faces this? Which other community sticks this long, supporting the game?

God only knows what TC is doing.

I saw your thread, about this which you posted a few months back.

Then maybe TC shouldn’t tell us a bug is fixed, without understanding the code. TC is excellent at giving us false hope.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint community!? The Division 2 community!? Maybe other games community!? :thinking:

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Captain Hoffman and Prescott’s voices are fine to me after the update. @HerrKatzchen

that part was supposed to be set at night actually.

I don’t think they are the same tree.

This picture seems to be the level where the squad arrive in the village on Galangi Island.

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It’s likely concept art of one kind or another.