Is escape now broken too?

On top of the lag, packet loss, teleporting enemies and servers that just stop respnding on most of the Escape matches I try to play now the door to the escape room won’t open despite clearing all enemies.
Gave up on third attempt.!Av_5CyHV6npukCuuvbnq9SO0ETUc


I had this once on the Trap where the Stump downed me in the exact moment I initiated the door opening animation hence canceling it and then the door wouldn’t open anymore.

Did you die during a previous attempt or something like that?

No it just wouldn’t open.
I did quit to lobby and try again but that didn’t work either.

Did you ignore any enemies in the saferoom tile outside the door? Cause it’s not opening if they’re around there.

No, you can hear the character say they are all cleared.
This was my third attempt, the first two I checked everywhere until I died in the venom.

So does that it keep happening? Did you maybe run past some enemies in the beginning and an enemy got stuck somewhere in the end-tile similiar to Helipad-glitch?

Were you playing solo or did you have team mates with you? I ask because from the video I couldn’t see anyone, but they might have died and I know of one way this bug can occur but it relies (mostly) on there being another player present.

If a player is downed while they are mid-animation pressing the button, it can cause the door to not open, and the button bugs out and cannot be interacted with. I’ve seen it multiple times before.

But obviously it’s not something that could happen if you’re playing solo - unless you were Combat Medic and used Team Revive on yourself after this happened, but this obviously isn’t the case as I can see that you’re playing as the Slugger.

Just those three tries so far.
I have played The Hive a lot for dailies and medals so I didn’t miss any enemies.
I did stop playing Escape altogether for a while because the packet loss and lag would just make it too frustrating to bother but it seemed to be working yesterday until I got to the escape room.
I’ll try again later and post here if it works, it could have been connection related again if it’s just me who had this problem.

In this case, the only thing I can recommend if the issue doesn’t go away or get fixed and you want to continue playing the mode(or even just get the medals for it) is to stick to one act hives, but that’s very far from an ideal solution.

But did you try if restarting the hive altogether fixed this, rather than going back to the beginning of the act?

Thanks for the replies appreciate the help.
I tried again earlier and it seems to be working now.
It must be my connection or something as the game play has been bad for over two weeks now.
If I can get past “unable to connect to a server for this game” in competitive matches maybe my luck will change…lol