Is Emile any good at higher Horde difficulties?

Love Emile’s melee-focused skill cards and in Escape I do well with him overall. Horde is a different matter however, especially on the higher difficulties because getting close to an enemy can spell a quick death.

Just wondering if there are any experienced Emile players out there who have had success with him in the higher Horde difficulties Elite + and what are your strategies thanks!

You become a waste of a character slot and just have to enjoy trishots and free stim XD.

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Emile is one of those characters who is built for Escape. He’s not much use on Horde - at least he doesn’t offer a specific use anyway (in my opinion). His skill cards are melee focused and in Horde, this is hard to do effectively. And the only weapon buff card is for his Gnasher.

I’d have liked for him to receive a couple if extra cards like Kat did which improve his viability for Horde. In Halo: Reach he was a CQC specialist and Grenadier. His GOW skills have the CQC part, but maybe give him a Boomshot Mastery card and Launcher Capacity too? I wouldn’t give him an explosive bleed card cos that would just be too overpowered. Boomshot Mastery would just be restricted to the Boomshot so it shouldn’t drastically overpower him for Escape. Likewise Launcher Capacity too cos ammo is generally hard to come by in Escape so again this shouldn’t overpower him in Escape, but both these ideas would make him much more useful in Horde.


yeah pretty much my conclusion as well, which is unfortunate as I like using him he is a lot of fun, I hope they give him something in the future to make him more viable in Horde as you suggested

I feel you. I like using Kat but she is inferior to Del. She at least got some new cards but they only help her in escape. Stim capacity is okay for horde. She needs engineering cards Del and Baird don’t get to make her unique. Right now she’s a “Why pick her when you can use Del or Baird” character.

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